Keeping a Healthy Smile – The Best Gift you can Give Yourself

Keeping a Healthy Smile – The Best Gift you can Give Yourself

Helping yourself in preventing oral disorders, health care and be wise enough aiding in your diagnosis is the best gift. Smile daily as it will release all the good hormones of your brain and is one of the best beauty remedies.

Its a free therapy as healthy smile will considerably reduce your mind’s tearing tension, laugh more, have lots of water, brush your teeth twice a day but don’t brush too hard as it can put unnecessary pressure on your teeth and compromise your enamel and leave dentin exposed and due to this it may cause of sensitivity.

Now moving to your sugar rich food, it allows bacteria to grow fast and forms plague contributing to tooth decay, so eat as much you want but don’t forget to brush after that. If you don’t do this plague can harden into TARTAR, and this tartar building up can make brushing difficult since this hard substance can block access to your teeth and gums.

Due to this your gums can get inflamed, infected, receding and pulling your teeth out and then its a bad news because newly exposed root areas can easily become hypersensitive to extreme temperatures in winter. Its hard to protect your teeth in Summer but its not too hard task to overcome it for yourself.

During winters, inhaling deeply can cause a wave of frigid air to hit your teeth and can lead to serious pain, so avoid the cold shock and let your nose take care for your respiratory process. Wear a scarf to cover your neck as it will provide a warm area in your respiratory zone, raise your love for hot drinks as they work wonders in keeping you warm and cozy.

Use a toothpaste that prevents sensitivity. There are various reasons why you may get your teeth whitened. Everybody is extraordinary; and similarly as our hair and skin color vary, so do our teeth. Tooth whitening can be a viable method for helping the normal color of your teeth without evacuating any of the tooth surface. If tartar is build up then use a professional cleaner that is a dentist.

Healthy gums should looks pink and firm as they forms a good seal at the gum margin so no bacteria can penetrate on that area. But dentist can recognize signs of gum disease easily and helps you correct minor problems before they escalate. They provide other solutions to prevent gum diseases with caps, crowns and more. Some warning signs of gum disease include Bleeding gums when you brush or floss, bad breath, redness, swollen or painful gums, teeth that are loose or moving, pus coming out.

The main reasons for unhealthy gums are dental plague and calculus. Even many systemic diseases like diabetes, some drugs leads to unhealthy gums. Unhygienic oral habits like no flossing, no brushing leads to poor gums health. Dental plague is soft deposit that forms on the surface of teeth .calculus is hardened calcified plague, sometimes called tartar.

Gum diseases also known as periodontal disease means infection or inflammation of the tissues that surround the teeth.

Depending upon the severity, gum disease is generally divided into two types – gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis means inflammation of the gums and guess what most cases are caused by plague, this is plague associated gingivitis. Periodontitis means inflammation of tooth. It occurs if gingivitis becomes worse and progress to involve the tissue that joins the teeth to gums.

In the stages of disease progression, you may experience bad breath, a foul taste in your mouth, some pus formation in small pockets between teeth and gums, pain and difficulty while eating, and loosening of affected teeth. An examination by a dentist to detect the presence and depth of gum pockets is needed to confirm the diagnosis.

Well not to worry much when you can easily prevent oral problems by taking good hygiene, brush your teeth for 2 minutes, at least twice a day, at least an hour after your last meal. Regular check up in every 6 month is adviced.

If you need any kind of oral health advice, contact Ekdantam Dental Clinic by email or call 097826 01131 today. You can get great outcomes that will re-establish the presence of your smile, enabling you to get your ideal look. Take advantage to make our day by day health routine programs and stay safe and happy.

Our oral health something to smile about as we move into 2020. So don’t hesitate to schedule your regular cleaning sessions at dental clinics near me to wear a healthy smile this New Year, which is the best gift to give yourself.

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