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Laser Assisted Tooth Whitening /Bleaching

Laser Assisted Tooth Whitening /Bleaching

Laser Assisted Tooth Whitening /Bleaching : Contact EKDANTAM If Looking for Best Dentist Mansarovar Jaipur


Laser Assisted Bleaching

Gone are the days when Tooth bleaching has many problems like tooth sensitivity , Not desirable results , early re staining of tooth .

With Laser tooth bleaching there is no post Bleaching sensitivity , with life changing smile and teeth color that everyone desires.

Also the results are very long term and permanent .EKDANTAM is equipped with Biolase 10 watt laser For Laser Assisted Tooth Whitening / Bleaching.

So if looking for Best Dentist Mansarovar Jaipur ,Contact EKDANTAM.

Laser tooth whitening is a quick and safe procedure to get a walk in sparkling white smile.

It gives white natural looking smile in just a matter of time.

This is one of the latest whitening technique compared to conventional UV light bleaching followed everywhere .

This has no side effects and stays longer .

So just Book an appointment for laser tooth whitening and get a perfect smile . laser-teeth-whitening

Who can get it done?

Anyone who has stains (stubborn extrinsic and mild intrinsic stains) which is resistant to over the counter whitening product.

Anyone who wants instant white smile or have special occasion coming up. Results and treatment time may vary depending on the level of staining.

Crowns, bridges, fillings, and veneers will not whiten by  Bleaching.  

Common problems faced after UV light bleaching:

Tooth sensitivity is a relatively common side effect of UV teeth whitening. GOOD news: There is  minimal or no such problem with laser tooth whitening.

We at Ekdantam make sure to use Latest technique to make your teeth look beautiful and give you a  ever lasting Natural smile.

How long do bleaching lasts?

The results are good and stable and lasts long if proper cautions are taken.

Habits like eating lot of colored food item, smoking may affect the length of your whitening results. But not to worry, slight touch ups gets you back stunning sparkly smile.

PRE OPERATIVE ( Pateint came with flourosis stains and inflamed gingiva ) POST OPERATIVE ( Thorough oral prophylaxsis followed LED LIGHT ACTIVATED BLEACHING was performed )
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