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Digital Smile Designing For a Beautiful Smile

Digital Smile Designing For a Beautiful Smile

Digital Smile Design

Read Everything About Digital Smile Designing For a Beautiful Smile

Do you want to make your appearance more attractive? Then, simply smile! According to researchers, you are more attracted to the persons whom you find wearing a smile while talking to you.

A smile has special powers and surprisingly, you will get the same response from others. Do you know why “smile” is being elaborated here?

To make you understand the importance of a smile in your appearance. For the person, who want to improve their smile, dentists have a digital tool assisting dental aesthetic treatment.

About Digital Smile Design:

About Digital Smile Design

this practical digital tool helps in understanding the interrelation of the face, the smile, teeth, and gingiva.

The structural process creates the treatment plan to be reliable, consistent and effective.

With the help of patient’s face graphics mentioning shapes, reference lines and notes, the team of dentist does a careful analysis of their limitations and create a framework accordingly for a multifaceted vision of person’s behavior.

All the data regarding expectations and needs of patients are integrated to strict the guidelines at every stage of dental treatment.

This information is availed by a team integrating concerned specialists and dental laboratory.

Doctors explain the process through a set of slides to patients about the difficulties and related treatment process which makes the person confident and motivated.

When you will visit the best dental clinics like Ekdantam dental clinic, you will get all the solutions to your queries easily to make the topic understandable for you.

If you are looking for dental porcelain laminates or dental implants for a cosmetic makeover, Digital Smile Design (DSD) will assist you in achieving a winning smile.

Digital Smile Design Concept:

Digital Smile Design Concept

DSD is a dental treatment planning tool which is used to enhance predictability, improve communication, and strengthen vision for aesthetic dentistry.

This concept was first brought into focus by Mr Christian Coachman, a Brazilian Dentist/Dental Technician (Ceramist), in 2007.

With the evolutions over years, it has taken an important role when it comes to aesthetic dentistry.

You may wonder with the beauty of this digital tool as it doesn’t require any special software, equipment, or major financial investment and digital equipment needed in modern practices are enough to do everything at ease.

All and all, it is based on an analysis of patient’s dental and facial proportions using digital photographs and videos of high quality to understand the relationship of the smile, lips, gums, teeth, and facial movements in different emotions.

The accumulated information about the patient is transferred into a computer and image calibration process is done with the help of a digital ruler and then, representation software is used for manipulating and redesigning.

The final digital smile design in form of PDF or any format can be shared with dental technicians and the treatment plan is explained to the patient.

Once the patient approves the digital image, the dentist testes it through mock-up following the same calculation analysis.


This testing stage gives a new experience to the patient about his/her smile and functioning. The patient is asked about his experience.

With the final note of consent, the perfect communication between patient and dentist is taken place. Overall, DSD helps the dentist in three ways:

  • Improves communication with patient clearly.
  • Involve all the specialist taking part in digital smile designing.
  • Assist in planning for a digital smile.

Benefits of Cosmetic Smile Design:

Benefits of Cosmetic Smile Design
  • Provides aesthetic services to help the patients attain the perfect smile.
  • Improves the appearance by maintaining the natural mouth functioning.
  • Making positive changes without changing gums and teeth drastically.
  • Pre-model with different media helps to achieve the intended goal of cosmetic smile design.
  • Truly customized designs and no similarity with others.
  • Increases confidence until the treatment process completes.
  • Gives control in the patient’s hand to control over the dental implant in India through cosmetic treatment.
  • Helps patients to make strong communication with dentists through visual communication and emotions.
  • Involve the patient in his/her own cosmetic smile design process.
  • Creates a connection between the dental vision of 21st century and available options.
  • Provides a different concept of working philosophy to make way easy for dentist and patient both.

Digital Smile Design Cost in India:

If you are planning for dental implants in India, you will be happy to know that it is a perfect country for affordable dental treatments.

When we talk about the approximate cost of smile designing, it is averagely Rs 50,000.

The cosmetic dentistry treatment includes various processes depending on your goal and problem.

This includes porcelain crowns, composite bonding, teeth whitening, dental implants, porcelain bridgework, porcelain & composite veneers, tooth reshaping and contouring, cosmetic gum surgery and clear orthodontic aligners.


It can range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 90,000 depending on the requirement in correcting the smile of patients’.

Ekdantam dental clinic, Jaipur is one of the prominent clinics assisting advanced dental implant in India.

As aesthetic awareness is increasing, Digital Smile Design is gaining momentum in India. With the information provided above, now you have all the understanding to improve your smile and feel confident.

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