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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover



  • Q 1) Do you lack confidence in smiling?
  • Q 2) Do you wish you had a hollywood smile?
  • Q 3) Do you have gaps between any of your teeth?
  • Q 4) Are any of your teeth overlapping or crooked?
  • Q 5) Are any of your teeth missing or mobile?
  • Q6)  Do you feel your teeth are yellower or stained or discolored?
  • Q 7) Do you have broken, chipped, fractured, uneven shape teeth ?
  • Q 8) Are you dissatisfied with the way your gums look?

If the answer to any of the to any of above questions is YES , >Ekdantam Dental Clinic is the right place, where various professionals solve your problem to get you stunning, confident smile. EKDANTAM HAS THE Best cosmetic dentist Jaipur to solve all your smile problems . So Don’t  be shy to smile. Smile Makeovers can completely transform the health and appearance of your smile. It has a precise combination of treatments designed to address the unique needs and goals of the individual patient. At Ekdantam, we have experienced, skilled cosmetic dentist who will be able to identify the most conservative, least invasive procedures that, in combination, will yield the most stunning results possible. Your smile design appointment will begin with a comprehensive dental exam, including a bite evaluation and tooth-by-tooth exam. Then Dr. Akansha will take careful note of your facial structure, lip line, elements like your skin tone, active and passive smile. Impressions and Photographs will be made to evaluate your smile digitally so as to get beautiful final result.

The treatment variations include :

    1. Teeth Whitening,
    2. Cosmetic Contouring,
    3. Composite artwork,
    4. Bonding procedures,
    5. Porcelain ( E-Max) Veneers and crowns,
    6. No-Prep or minimal Prep thineers,
    7. fillings, Tooth Jewelery
    8. Orthodontic treatment ,
    9. Invisalign,
    10. Cosmetic gum recontouring,
    11. Implants.

There is no age limit for cosmetic dentistry. As long as you have generally good dental health, and you can safely undergo the desired procedures, you should be able to get stunning smile at any age ! Smile Makeover treatment in clinic in jaipur Smile Makeover treatment after and before Smile Makeover treatment  

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