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Wisdom Tooth Correction (third molar) in Jaipur, India

Wisdom Tooth Correction (third molar) in Jaipur, India

Wisdom Tooth Removal surgery or Impacted Molar

Third Molar or wisdom tooth is the Last tooth present in each quadrant of mouth . Wisdom tooth starts erupting at the age of 18 years . During time of eruption it causes slight irritation in gums . If the space for its eruption is sufficient in the jaw , it erupts straight and it helps in chewing of food . But many times space present for third molar is not sufficient and this causes improper eruption of third molar . Direction of eruption also becomes improper, causing incomplete eruption .

What problem does it cause?

  • a)Pericoronitis :- Severe inflammation and pain in gums around Third molar
  • b) It causes area of food lodgment between third molar and second molar and cause caries in second molar which is a very important tooth in chewing of food.
  • c) Causes severe pain and difficulty in mouth opening (Trismus )
  • d) Bad smell from mouth
  • e)Swelling that is visible externally
  • f)Upper third molar cause biting pain in cheek when directed towards cheek

Treatment :

1) Conservative treatment :- Pain killers and antibiotics as prescribed by the dentist.

2)Warm saline rinses :- A glass of lukewarm water and a table spoon of common salt in it . Do rinses with it 5-6 times in a day for 7 days . This will help the maximum in getting benefit from the pain and swelling around third molar

3) Operculectomy :- It is the procedure in which extra gums over the third molar is removed by laser of scalpel. At EKDANTAM dental clinic Jaipur.

we use Bio lase 10 watt diode Laser for operculectomy to make it painless , needle less  and bloodless .

4) Third Molar extraction of disimpaction :- It is most definitive treatment . It is minor surgical procedure where third molar is sectioned and removed in pieces . At Ekdantam dental clinic, Best and ultramodern equipments are used for third molar surgery like specialized Piezosurgery Unit .

Tooth sectioning is preferred and no bone removal is done in Most of the cases to make the procedure painless along with the recovery after the procedure . Dr Kapil Singhal is a Expert specialist who make this procedure painless and totally atraumatic with no post op discomfort.

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