What to Eat After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

What to Eat After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are also known as the third set of molars that are placed at the back of your teeth. Usually, they start erupting between ages 17 and 21. They called molar teeth because they come at a more adult age. Typically, they are the last teeth to come through.

What to Eat After Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

After getting your wisdom teeth taken out, the surgery might be finished, still you’re not done at this point. There are numerous interesting things about your  diet and oral care. Eating can be a tough decision after surgery is done, however there are some things you can do to make it simpler. It is good to eat food which doesn’t need to be chewed. Here is some food to eat after wisdom tooth extraction:

  • Ice cream – Ice cream is the ideal option to eat since it doesn’t require chewing and the coldness will help to recover from pain.
  • Yogurt – This dairy item contains lots of nutritional benefits, and it’s advantageous to our health from numerous points of view and avoids tiny fruit bits that may stick.
  • Smoothies – Blend your favorite fruits together and you can even add some veggies in there. Smoothies can be made from fruits and vegetables which are high in nutrients and minerals, which might be good diet food choices.
  • Mashed Potatoes – A nice mash potato is the best food to eat when recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction. This is an ideal option in case when you’re further down your recovery since this contains slight chewing.
  • Jelly – Jelly is a kind of jiggly food that is soft and doesn’t need chewing. It can also help strengthen bones, promote immune response and improve sleep.
  • Soup – Soup is a liquid that is perfect food after wisdom tooth extraction. These are good at increasing fiber and also contains lot of nutrients and minerals that our body needs.

When Can i Eat After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

You can start eating or drinking after wisdom tooth extraction can only depend upon the extent of your surgery. Your dentist suggests some essential guidelines which include how to take care of yourself and reduce the risk of complication.

Most often, diet schedule after tooth extraction permit liquids and soft foods after your surgery procedure, with progress to your typical diet, with a few days.

What does it cost to remove wisdom teeth?

The cost for wisdom tooth extraction depending on whether the tooth is impacted. Usually, the extraction costs for impacted teeth are higher than for erupted wisdom teeth. There are numerous factors which increase cost for wisdom tooth extraction are the type of dental insurance, severity, complexity of your case, anesthesia you need, the dentist and the location.

How are problems with wisdom teeth diagnosed?

Your first visit to the dentist would contain an examination of your mouth and x-rays to decide the situation of the wisdom teeth, their condition and the status of the teeth and bone. A wisdom tooth is affected when it is obstructed from erupting completely into the mouth, either by the tooth before it or the surrounding bone or gums.You will have X-rays to see whether your wisdom teeth are causing issues now or going to cause what problems to come in the future.

What Causes Problems With Wisdom Teeth Removal?

In some cases, wisdom teeth may erupt at an irregular position or not have adequate space to eject and sometimes cause pain or another side effect.

Other impacted wisdom tooth side effects are bad breath, bleeding gums, jaw pain, swollen jaw and difficulty while the opening of the mouth. 

What Are The Complications of Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are difficult to clean and food can get caught in them. If the wisdom tooth isn’t removed from your mouth, it can prompt certain problems, which include infection, cavities, decay, numbness, crowding of nearby teeth, difficulty flossing, damage to other teeth, cysts and gum disease. Due to these complications, dentists suggest surgery for impacted wisdom teeth.


What Is The Recovery Time After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

The Recovery time frame after removing Wisdom teeth can be 1-2 days of little bit soreness with irregular throbbing pain. The pain through soreness and throbbing will fall down to little soreness from 3-7 days. Normally, the soreness and throbbing are controlled by the strength of prescription and pain medicine.

What Are The Treatment for Wisdom Teeth Infection?

There are various approaches to treat infected wisdom teeth, including a conservative approach to deal with treatment or surgical extraction. This can be treated by a professional dentist or an oral surgeon. Sometime surgical approach is one of the most common methods for avoiding wisdom teeth infection.

The dentist may clean the infected area around the tooth and advised to rinse your mouth regularly with warm saltwater. Take one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. The water ought to be as warm as possible, not very hot.

The dentist may also advise to take disinfectant mouthwash and a pain killer medicine and recommend antibiotics.

When an infection on the lower wisdom teeth may be worse due to the upper wisdom tooth in such circumstances both upper and lower wisdom tooth may be advised to be removed. If the infection is not treated timely, it goes lead to some dangerous life-threatening problem. The infection can spread to under the tongue and throat which leads to bad breath. In this situation, you have to contact urgently your dentist.  

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