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Treatment of Mouth Halitosis / Bad Smell

Treatment of Mouth Halitosis / Bad Smell

Bad breath commonly known as Oral Halitosis is a very common problem and a alarming sign for many of the oral diseases .

Bad breath makes you  feel embarrassing many times while talking and also gives you  a  bad feeling. You even hesitate to talk and smile in front of other people due to bad breadth .

A bad breadth is something that needs to be treated and can be completely treated if the cause the same is diagnosed .There could be many reasons for bad breath .It could be internal cause due to improper digestion or External cause like oral problems .

Reasons for bad breath are  :

1) Poor oral hygiene

2) Tartar ( calculus ) deposits in between teeth or below gums

3) Cavities on teeth

4) Abscess or pus in gums

5)Gaps in between teeth causing food lodgment and hence decay

6) Intrinsic smell due to poor digestion

The most important aspect for treatment is to treat the cause of bad breath .

Various treatment available for halitosis treatment are :-

1) Clinical examination and periodontal (Gum examination )

2) Ultrasonic Scaling and root planning and polishing in the end

3)LANAP (Laser-assisted new attachment procedure )

It is a laser assisted procedure to treat periodontal pocket  in a non surgical way .

4)Warm saline rinses (Lukewarm water and half spoon of common salt ) 5-6 time per day.

5)Periodontal flap surgery if required when deep periodontal pockets present .

6)Mouth wash only for some day only on prescription and recommendation of the dentist .

Ekdantam Dental clinic Jaipur India has  all the latest techniques and equipment’s to treat Oral malodor and bad breath . Book an appointment if looking for best dentist or dental clinic in Jaipur India .

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