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Treatment of Mobile Teeth / Teeth Splinting

Treatment of Mobile Teeth / Teeth Splinting

Mobile or moving teeth is a bad dream that no one want to even think of . It is a very common problem in late 30 that many people suffer . There are many times that lower anterior teeth are mobile and people are scared to get them cleaned because that would further make them mobile or can even exfoliate .

There are many reasons for teeth to get mobile :

1) Pyorrhea commonly known as Chronic generalized Periodontitis.

This is a condition that due to poor oral hygiene or sometimes due to genetic reason , there is loss of bone around teeth and inflammation in gums .Due to this bone loss teeth become mobile .

2) In normal condition upper anterior teeth do not touch lower anterior teeth , but in some patients they touch , this causes bone loss in lower anterior teeth and they get mobile subsequently over  a period of time .

3) A genetic condition known as aggressive periodontitis causes bone loss in very early age like 15 years or above and less than 30 years . This a familial condition and people in same family could be diseased with same problem and early fall of teeth . But this is treatable and should be diagnosed early to prevent it . Proper treatment plan with periodontal Flap surgery and Grafting need to be done .

The most simple treatment for it is Fiber splinting :

It is a way in which mobile teeth are attached with a not visible transparent  fiber  to adjacent healthy and non mobile teeth on the inner side so that is not visible.

At EKDANTAM DENTAL Clinic Jaipur India Best brands of fiber splint like Ribond are  used. Book an appointment if you are looking for BEST DENTIST OR DENTAL CLINIC IN JAIPUR RAJASTHAN INDIA .

Treatment of mobile teeth or teeth splinting in Jaipur, India
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