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Treatment of Fracture Tooth

Treatment of Fracture Tooth

Treatment of Fractured/ chipped/ worn down tooth

A broken or chipped tooth occur mostly due to injury or accident. Tooth wear can also result in chips here and there, or they can wear away along the biting edge with grinding over the years reducing in size. Teeth that are severely worn down turn yellowish cannot be whitened but they can be restored. The lengths of the teeth also can be restored, thereby enhancing back the natural curve of your smile line.

There are various treatment options available :

  • If you can find the fractured tooth fragment, store it in milk or saliva. Book an appointment with us immediately. According to the extent and type of fracture, the our cosmetic expert at ekdantam will determine whether the fractured tooth can be fixed or removed.
  • Minor fractures can be fixed on the same day by composite restoration.
  • Porcelain dental veneers can be used to correct severely chipped, broken and worn down teeth quickly and easily. Veneers are ultra-fine facings of porcelain, hand crafted by best dental lab, to cover the front surfaces of teeth and disguise underlying cosmetic concerns.

For cases, where the pulp (nerve) become exposed, root canal treatment is usually required. Although composites are permanent restorative materials, a composite may get discolored over time and porcelain is considered more durable compared to composite resin material. Book an appointment with Ekdantam and our cosmetic expert can advise you about the best possible treatment to your case according to the extent of fracture. tooth fracture treatment in jaipur tooth fracture treatment in jaipur Treatment of Fracture Tooth Due to Trauma

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