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Visiting a dentist can surely be on most adventurous things to do before you die but definitely not on the regular fun list. When asked which part of it they hate the most, majority says ALL OF IT.
I can bet it’s not actually dentists one hate but all the stuff a dentist does that freaks one out. Trust me, we are not that bad, just stuck with bad-guy label by doing all the work.
A dental clinic is sum total of all the nightmares one can ever have from needles to drilling to noises and confined spaces.
Here are top 5 reasons why people avoid/ hate dentist.

1. Needle:
Yes, needle phobia gains the highest point. The fear of getting a shot every time the dental work is done creeps out not only children but adults as well.
Though lot of needleless system for local anesthetic delivery system has been out in market but this kind of phobia can be managed by patient-doctor relationship.

2. Pain:
Dental pain is considered to be most horrific pain after labor pain, so avoiding dentist is pretty obvious. The first question asked to us even before the patient is seated – IS IT GOING TO HURT?
The dental pain is so excruciating that person who had it before will never want to have it ever in life again. Previous bad memories are one of the common reasons for not visiting dentist. Though todays dentistry has made dental procedures more pleasant and painless.

3. Anxiety:
The dental procedure and the environment itself can lead to dental phobia. That sight, smell, noise, vibration, claustrophobia, having someone huge hand into the mouth, gag reflexes, sensitivity during drilling or mere drilling, getting exposed to X-rays are cited as chief reasons for dental anxiety. Though some procedures cannot be avoided but anxiety can be reduced by sedation dentistry.

4. Cost:
Some people just don’t think visiting the dentist regularly is a worthwhile investment. Often individuals who have developed good oral hygiene are overconfident in their abilities to protect their teeth, and may see a dental visit as a waste of time or money. Unfortunately, being comfortable with proper brushing and flossing is no excuse for avoiding a visit with a professional dentist. A lot of problems that may exist within your mouth may lay hidden, causing damage to the health of your teeth and gums without you ever knowing about it. Some problems are even unavoidable, regardless of how much you brush or floss. The regular dental visits are actually cheaper than avoiding going to dentist and end up in problems which shell out heavy money from our pocket for their correction.

5.  Lectures:
Who doesn’t have bad habits, but being lectured and told in harsh way about not maintaining good oral hygiene is way too beyond the line for some people. Choosing a dentist that you are comfortable with sharing your concerns with, and taking advice where needed can make dental experience pleasant.

In the end, lets not keep making excuses for why we shouldn’t take the time to take control of your oral health. Putting behind fears and taking charge of well-being is all up to us.It all starts with choosing the right dentist.