Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Your Dentist !

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Your Dentist !

Gone are those days, when dentist seemed like monsters and getting dental treatment was a nightmare. Dental care is nowadays more comfortable, accurate, natural looking and practically pain free. With all the new methods and advancements in dentistry, there is nothing to fear about.Earlier people only used to see dentist when they were in pain but now whole scenario is changed people go to dentist for preventive care as well as to get whiter, straighter, stronger and attractive teeth.

Dentist can help you out in so many things like, relieving pain to pulling teeth to getting fixed replacements of missing teeth by Dental Implants to get more straighter teeth to transforming that gummy dirty smile to perfect sparkling smile.

But, you should know that not all dentists are same, and choosing the wrong dentist and dental clinic can be very big mistake!

Here are few lists of things you should know before choosing any dentist or going any dental clinic.

Number 1- Do not agree to care from any dentist that doesn’t provide you with clear explanation of

What is the cause or possible cause to your problem

  • A recommended action plan in detail.
  • An estimate of the cost involved.

Number 2- Ask and Find out what does your dentist specializes in?

Some dentist are only proficient in treating certain conditions or doing basic treatment like scaling and filling while some dentist are specialist in doing implants, root canals, cosmetic procedures, oral surgeries or making teeth straighter by braces, the list is on. Some dentist even has advanced training as well. Look for the academic qualification of your dentist. MDS stands for Masters in dental surgery in various fields. They are much more experienced to do specialized work.

BEWARE of dentist who puts MIDA (Member of Indian Dental Association) or various other abbreviations under their name as fake qualifications to fool general public. Mind it, they are not any academic qualifications.

Number 3 – Do you take X-Rays?

Every genuine dentist takes X-rays to rule out various pathologies. Be sure to seek dentist who takes X-rays and shows you what exactly is wrong and what is treatment option. Caring/ Treating without X-rays is like flying in dark without radar. Ekdantam uses digital computerized X-rays, which not only provides instant high quality image but also reduces radiation by 90%.

Some dentist also use Intra-oral camera, which shows your teeth on screen. We at Ekdantam do this, which allows patients to see with their own eyes the problem that exists. If your dentist doesn’t take X-ray before recommending treatment, consider talking to new dentist.

Number 4 – Evaluate the dentist and dental Clinic in first appointment

During your first visit, check the office to make sure it is clean, neat and orderly, how courteous is your dentist and other staff. Feel free to ask, how and where they sterilize instruments and how are they stored.

Check if the dentist changes gloves, syringes and needles between every patient. The office should have policies on infection control.

Number 5- Check and ask if your dentist is a registered dentist.

Number 6- Check and ask how well equipped clinic is in case of emergencies.

Number 7- Personal Comfort

One of the most important things is whether you feel comfortable with dentist. Are you able to discuss and share freely your problems and how well he/she listens and responds to them and how patiently he/she solves your queries.


What should I consider when choosing a dentist?

Choosing the right dentist is essential for your oral health. Here are key factors to consider:

  1. Qualifications and Credentials: Ensure the dentist is licensed, has the necessary qualifications, and is a member of relevant dental associations.

  2. Location and Accessibility: Consider the dentist’s location, office hours, and accessibility, making it convenient for you to schedule appointments.

  3. Patient Reviews and Recommendations: Read patient reviews and seek recommendations from friends or family to gauge the dentist’s reputation.

How can I check a dentist's qualifications and credentials?

Verifying a dentist’s qualifications is crucial. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. State Dental Board: Contact your state’s dental board or visit their website to confirm the dentist’s licensure and any disciplinary actions.

  2. Dental Association Membership: Check if the dentist is a member of respected dental associations like the American Dental Association (ADA).

  3. Ask the Dentist: Feel free to ask the dentist directly about their qualifications, experience, and any advanced training or certifications.

Is it important for a dentist to have a clean and well-equipped office?

Yes, the cleanliness and equipment in a dentist’s office are essential for your safety and comfort. Here’s why:

  1. Infection Control: A clean environment reduces the risk of infections during dental procedures.

  2. Advanced Technology: Well-equipped offices often have advanced technology that can improve the accuracy and effectiveness of treatments.

  3. Comfort and Peace of Mind: A comfortable and clean office can help ease anxiety and make your dental visits more pleasant.

What should I ask during my initial consultation with a dentist?

Your initial consultation is an opportunity to gather crucial information. Ask questions such as:

  1. Treatment Approach: Inquire about the dentist’s approach to preventive care and how they handle common dental issues.

  2. Cost and Insurance: Discuss the cost of services, payment options, and whether they accept your dental insurance.

  3. Emergency Care: Ask about the dentist’s policy for handling dental emergencies or after-hours care.

Should I consider a dentist's specialization or expertise?

Specialization can be important depending on your specific dental needs. Consider the following:

  1. General Dentists: These dentists provide a wide range of dental services and are suitable for routine check-ups and basic treatments.

  2. Specialists: If you require specialized care such as orthodontics, oral surgery, or endodontics, consider dentists who have expertise in those areas.

  3. Referrals: Your general dentist can refer you to specialists when necessary, ensuring you receive the best care for your specific issue.

Can I switch dentists if I'm not satisfied with my current one?

Yes, you have the right to switch dentists if you’re not satisfied. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Research New Dentists: Begin by researching and finding a new dentist who meets your requirements.

  2. Notify Your Current Dentist: Inform your current dentist that you’ll be switching and request a copy of your dental records for the new dentist.

  3. Transfer Records: Provide your new dentist with your dental records to ensure continuity of care.

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