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Natalie, Australia – Word of appreciation

Natalie, Australia – Word of appreciation

Love this place and the people!

 Unfortunately, I grew up in a dentist chair, so I don't have fond memories of dental offices. Ekdantam completely erased all this nasty, lingering memories with the best care and the most awesome relaxing surroundings, I could ever ask for.

 Dr. Singhal is as good as it gets. The entire practice is very professional, but with a kind, personal touch. You can tell that Dr. Singhal is a perfectionist--an absolute must for a good dentist. I am very grateful for his skill, knowledge and understanding. His staff is also so friendly and welcoming. Even the environment is very relaxing and clean, and they seem to have the latest and greatest equipment and technologies. They do not try to talk you into invasive, expensive treatments. 

Doesn't get any better.......breath of fresh air!! I have highly recommended Ekdantam to all my friends.