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Mark ,Menchester UK

I had some serious dental issues , lots of broken tooth and some missing ones, I consulted Dr Kapil initially he explained everything and i visited there center in July . He did 5 implants and some root canals and now after i got all my teeth it looks perfect . A master in his work and high standards of treatment. I got what he promised me during the start of the treatment . Great people and doctors.

Kavya Shree

Went there for my Orthodontic Treatment. Had a great Journey. Dr. KAPIL is very supportive. Moreover, he is a great counselor. He counselled me really well regarding my treatment and I must say. I spent my money at a proper place. I must advise everyone to please visit the clinic once without having a single doubt in your mind, if you are suffering from any dental problem. They have sterilized instruments with them. Patient’s comfort zone is given first priority here. Moreover, the environment is really pleasing. 🙂

Meenal Jindal

Happy Wisdom tooth extraction!! I hv a serious dental phobia & usually really get nervous going,but not since I found my dentist!! Yesternight I hd severe pain in my wisdom tooth..contacted to Dr.Kapil Singhal.. He is friendly, knowledgeable, caring & personality made me feel like one of the family.. He is very professional from the time I walk into the prestigious EKDANTAM dental clinic..he iis most gentle person I hv ever had working in my mouth.. I Would Recommend as highly all the time..I’d give him 20 star if I could.. Dr.KAPIL SINGHAL.. You r the best!!.. Thank you..for painless surgery and best dental experience I ever had!!

Peter Collins San Francisco

My neglection made my teeth in a pretty bad condition. I had many mobile teeth and were on the verge of removal ,I always wanted a fixed replacement for my teeth .Dr. Kapil understood my case very patiently and provided me with dental implants . He was very professional and his knowledge and surgical hand is flawless. I would recommend everyone for Implants at his clinic.

Cindy, Paris

I highly recommend this dentist I just got out of a impacted wisdom tooth extraction and it went fine he was calm and very experienced about it. Explained every single thing and Really fast and now I feel nothing this is what I wanted no words now healing process I will totally keep coming to this place for any future need. thank you.

Natalie, Australia

Love this place and the people!

 Unfortunately, I grew up in a dentist chair, so I don’t have fond memories of dental offices. Ekdantam completely erased all this nasty, lingering memories with the best care and the most awesome relaxing surroundings, I could ever ask for.

Dr. Singhal is as good as it gets. The entire practice is very professional, but with a kind, personal touch. You can tell that Dr. Singhal is a perfectionist–an absolute must for a good dentist. I am very grateful for his skill, knowledge and understanding.
His staff is also so friendly and welcoming. Even the environment is very relaxing and clean, and they seem to have the latest and greatest equipment and technologies.
They do not try to talk you into invasive, expensive treatments.

Doesn’t get any better…….breath of fresh air!! I have highly recommended Ekdantam to all my friends.

Vikram Munot

The knowledge level and the eye for details given by doctor was a great experience. The way she explained each of the procedures done and the care she took for a painless treatment is commendable. Now that’s what we call a good practitioner. I would always recommend her to anyone who is looking for a good treatment and wholesome experience.