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Full Mouth rehabilitation with Dental Implants :Strategic treatment planing A male 70 year old patient came with all missing teeth in lower jaw and some failing teeth in upper jaw. Lower and upper Dental implant was done simultaneously   with immediate temporary teeth given at the day of surgery . Treatment was completely painless . After… Read more »

Full Mouth Treatment (Rehabilitation ) with All dental implants in Lower arch

A patient came with collapsed bite , all teeth attrited , lower teeth totally attrited and with poor long term prognosis . CASE OF FULL MOUTH TREATMENT WITH DENTAL IMPLANTS IN LOWER ARCH AND REST TREATMENT PLANNING FOR UPPER ARCH IN THE SLIDES BELOW . Phase one treatment for lower arch is done and for… Read more »

Immediate Dental Implants

INDIRECT SINUS LIFT GRAFTING AND IMMEDIATE DENTAL IMPLANT IN UPPER LEFT POSTERIOR REGION & DENTAL IMPLANTS IN RIGHT LOWER POSTERIOR REGION. A patient came with missing lower right first molar and upper left first molar. In right upper first Molar residual bone was 8 mm so an indirect sinus lift was planned along with Dental… Read more »

Indirect Sinus Lift With Densah Burs

Indirect Sinus Lift With Densah Burs: Book Appointment if looking for Best clinic for Dental Implant  JAIPUR A patient came with resorbed upper posterior back teeth and had severe pain.After examination, it was decided for extraction and immediate implantation. But the amount of bone was less and grafting was required for implant placement (Indirect sinus… Read more »