Summer Tips for Healthy Teeth

Summer Tips for Healthy Teeth

The mercury levels are rising and the perfect time to enjoy endless cold drinks and long days by the beach has come. Summertime is always and kids look forward to the extra activities. 

Maintaining the energy to power through summer and good oral hygiene becomes a struggle. Especially with kids, summer is always bound to bring one or two dental emergencies as there is no limit on the level of coolers and ice creams. 

Here are some summer healthy teeth tips to avoid a dental emergency. These tips also help protect your child’s developing teeth and prevent some long-term damage.

Don’t miss on oral hygiene

Brushing twice a day and flossing daily is imperative in summer as it is at any other time of the year. 

With extra vacation camps, treats, and a lot of time spent in the pool don’t forget to remind your child to floss frequently. 

Summer is the time to throw out your old brushes and switch to new ones. Stock up on brushes for the summer trips and day outs.

 Have little floss in your handbag or travel bag so that you can be hygienically prepared wherever you go.

Shield your lips from the harmful UV rays

All of us must have heard to the advice apply a lot of sunscreens to protect your skin, every time you go out. 

But most people overlook this when it comes to lips. Your lips are extremely sensitive to the harmful UV rays released in the summer. 

It is because the skin on the lips is extremely thin and is susceptible to sunburns on prolonged exposure. 

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to the lips before stepping out of the home. Opt for a sunscreen with 30spf or above.

Take your child for dental check-ups

Parents usually take their kid for a dental check-up before class start. However, it is better to schedule a dental check-up appointment right after the academic ends. 

This way, your kid can have clean and healthy teeth throughout the summer. The last thing you want is your child suffering from a toothache during the summer vacation.

Avoid too many sweet drinks and go for low-sugar options

As the summer scorches over your head it is natural to go for tempting cold, sweet drinks. Soda, lemonade and bottled juice become the summer staple for many but excess sugar in the drinks creates an acidic environment in the mouth and leads to tooth decay and enamel erosion. 

Hence avoid taking many sweet beverages and opt for water whenever possible. Like cold drinks, summer treats are loaded with sugar. 

Summer opens the gate to have a variety of treats such as Popsicles, cotton candy, funnel cakes, and even barbeque sauce that leads to a cavity. Look out for low-sugar or sugar-free summertime snacks.

Have a healthy kitchen

To prevent the acid attack from sugary beverages and cold drinks, invest in healthy snacks. With kids at home all day, limiting snacks becomes impossible. 

You can switch to healthy alternatives such as fresh fruits and veggies with a fun twist. Consume a lot of seasonal fruits such as watermelon, mango, tender coconut, and more. 

Did you know that watermelon can naturally whiten your teeth? Watermelon is a rich source of malic acid that has natural teeth whitening properties. 

The malic acid in watermelon also increases saliva production in dry mouth. Saliva washes away food and debris and protects your teeth from decay and discoloration. 

The fibrous texture of watermelon acts as a natural scrub and cleans your teeth. Apart from consuming healthy food, hydration is one of the most important things during summer. 

Don’t miss out on adequate water consumption. Consistent water consumption doesn’t allow any food or germs to stick to your mouth and cause decay.

Formulate a summer routine

Though summers become a lot more flexible compared to the usual days, it is imperati2ve to establish an effective summer routine. 

Include mild exercises, brushing twice a day, and hydration as a part of your summer routine.

Rinse regularly with water

If you are going on frequent trips in the summer and don’t have time to floss, rinse with water. After consumption of every meal or something sweet, rinse at least thrice with water.

Prevent any emergency with the precaution

It is not summer without swimming, bike riding, volleyball, and games. Kids tend to have an accidental dental emergency while playing. 

During those times, don’t panic and perform proper first-aid in case of dental bleeding and take to the dentist immediately.

Bottom line

Summer becomes a breeding time for dental problems, especially in kids. Follow the above-mentioned steps and prevent dental emergencies in the middle of a happy vacation.

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