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Steps of Dental Implant Placement :-

Steps of Dental Implant Placement :-


Once all the investigations had been done and all preparation are made for the implant surgery , these are steps that would be done during the entire implant surgery:-

We should first understand , what is a Implant ? Implant is just a root, Once it is placed in bone it is not visible clinically in oral cavity.


1) If the tooth is missing than implant can be placed directly at the site of missing tooth. But if some grossly decayed tooth is there that cannot be saved,  it is removed at the time of surgery and implant is placed at the same time, but there should no residual infection present ,that could infect the implant.

2)First the tissue (Flap) is uncovered , than there are sequential drills to make holes (Osteotomy) in your bone . The hole is widened according to the width of bone available and size of implant to be placed.

12189777_1517840221868102_7459175074228753736_n 12115688_1517840275201430_7435759432303636989_n






3) Once the hole (Osteotomy) of appropriate size is made , implant is inserted .







4) After placing the implant , the site is sutured and closed and your implant is not visible in oral cavity.

12108951_1517840791868045_4653145870679703750_n 12189718_1517840215201436_8316297373267481050_n






5) Once the implant has been placed than it is left for a certain period , so that the implant integrates with the bone .(approx 3 months in lower bone and 6 months in upper bone.)
Wait Card (WAI) smaller

6) After this period once implant is osseointegrated (attached to bone ) to bone ,stage 2 surgery is done to reflect the implant in oral cavity (IMPLANT HEALING CAP is placed)  ,Patient is called after 7 days and   impression is made and sent to dental lab  for fabrication of prosthesis.

implant-healing-abutment IMG_2803



















7) The lab send’s the prosthesis to the doctor and it is attached to the patients
implant .

12923093_1035896926456231_638595543605663004_n 11059668_1031776383534952_7422659706916450455_n






We at EKDANTAM have a team specialized in Dental Implants & uses best quality of implants and get our prosthetic work done from best lab of India .

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