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Simple Tooth Extraction in Jaipur, India

Simple Tooth Extraction in Jaipur, India

Natural tooth are assets to everyone smile and function . They not only help you to chew food but also gives you the confidence and smile your deserve .There are many times when the natural tooth gets infected or decayed ,pains severely and non restorable and  need to be removed .  A Patient with Mobile upper First  molar tooth came for treatment . Tooth was extracted and socket preservation done . Yesterday , Dental implant was planned . Papilla preservation incision given , 4.5 X10 mm OSSTEM implant placed , with a good buccal self of bone . Osseodensification drilling with Densah was done , as the bone was soft , So to preserve and densify the Bone around Implant . Roll suturing was done to increase the Bulk of soft tissue on the buccal side of Implant . A poncho or a Connective tissue will be planned just before Loading .

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Keep smiling ????

Reasons for Tooth extraction :-

  • 1) Many times your natural tooth gets grossly decayed that are beyond the capacity of restoration . They get decayed so much that having them becomes impossible .
  • 2) severe swelling is also accompanied along with pain . This is seen mostly in cases of tooth caries
  • 3) Many times they get mobile and do not help in function and cause lot of irritation and discomfort .This is seen mostly in cases of advanced Pyorrhea .
  • 4)Sometimes natural teeth need to be removed intentionally for braces treatment in kids .

Treatment :-

Tooth removal is a painless procedure if done correctly .Even the most Difficult of extraction that are done at Ekdantam are by tooth sectioning to make it a painless and totally atraumatic to conserve the all natural bone around the tooth for dental Implant and soft tissue  health .

At ekdantam we make sure to make it a painless and blood less procedure and make it very comfortable for you . Even the anesthesia injection used at Ekdantam dental clinic are  jet Injectors from Wand that make the entire procedure painless .

We also recommend to get the missing tooth replaced with dental Implant so that bone from the lost tooth is conserved and the same aesthetics and function that was there with the healthy natural tooth is regained .

Book an appointment at EKDANTAM multispecialty dental clinic in Jaipur India if you are looking for best dentist or Dental Clinic in Jaipur . A team of Specialist with Ultra modern World class infrastructure will give you best of experience at Ekdantam

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