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Teeth scaling and polishing

Teeth scaling and polishing

Scaling and Polishing (TOOTH CLEANING )

Clean teeth helps to keep your gums , oral cavity and body healthy . American Heart Association consensus report says that there is more probability of having heart problems like heart attacks , strokes in patients with poor oral hygiene and who do not regularly  get their  teeth cleaned . Also such patients are more prone to other many systemic problems like diabetes Mellitus , bacterial -pneumonia , cardiovascular disease , Low birth weight baby and many cardiovascular diseases .

Some common questions come in our mind about Scaling?

Q 1)That Even after brushing daily also why my teeth are not clean and there is bad smell from my mouth ?

Ans 1) After brushing and cleaning of teeth also , there are areas where brush cannot reach and clean your teeth , like spaces in between your teeth , areas of last tooth . There are many other areas like inner areas of lower anterior teeth which are more prone to deposit calculus . This require professional scaling and polishing every 6 monthly to keep teeth healthy .

Q 2) Does I need regular scaling though I am brushing my teeth nicely ?

Ans 2 Yes , It is advised to get professional scaling done every 6  monthly from your treating dentist / Periodontist  /Dental hygienist . Regular brushing also does not clean all the reas of teeth , which can lean to caries , gum problem and pain .

Q 3) Does stains due to coffee , tobacco , smoking can be removed with scaling ?

Ans 3 Yes it removes all extrinsic stains due to coffee , tobacco and smoking .

But once the habits are started again it will deposit the stains more frequently .

Q 4) How frequent should I get a scaling done from my dentist ?

Ans 4 every 6 monthly , Always prevention is better than cure so this helps to prevent any of oral problems and pin due to them like caries , gum problems , tooth loosening

Q 5)A common Myth : Does scaling weakens your teeth or they becomes mobile ?

Ans 5 This is a very common myth that due to scaling teeth gets weekend , but ultrasonic scaling is done with a scaler that has cavitation movement of Water  on the tip of scaler . This movement of water removes all dirt from teeth . So nothing is weekend from tooth .

Also scaling does not make your teeth mobile , it is dirt or calculus that is holding your mobile teeth and it keep on resorbing the bone around the teeth and make mouth unhealthy . This dirt should not be kept by the fear of teeth getting mobile .

So Scaling does not make your teeth mobile , it keeps it in  a healthy state . If they is already mobile ,  a simple procedure of splinting can be done to make them stable and work well.

Q 6) Is polishing Important after scaling ?

Ans 6 Yes polishing is very important after scaling . With use and also after scaling  teeth becomes rough  , this increases friction on teeth and increases chances of fast deposition of dirt and calculus on teeth again , so polishing smoothens it and prevents its further deposition.

Q 7)What if regular scaling is not done and there are tartar (Calculus ) deposits on your teeth ?

Ans 7 If Regular scaling is not done , it causes plaque and calculus deposits on the teeth and in areas not visible to ayes clinically . This lead to caries o teeth , pyorrhea , gum problems , bone loss and hence pain and mobile teeth .

Q 8)How long does it take for scaling and polishing ?

Ans 8 It take one visit to three visits depending on the type on inflammation in the gums .Added are some more instructions to make your teeth and gum healthy

Summary :-Prevention is better than cure , visit your dentist / periodontist (Gum and scaling  specialist ) every 6 monthly and get your teeth cleaned and polished . it never weakens your teeth , on the contact ur makes them strong to bear all forces .

scaling and polishingscaling and polishingscaling and polishingscaling and polishing

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