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Orthodontics in Jaipur

Orthodontics in Jaipur


With evolution Jaw has become smaller in size than our ancestors, so to accommodate all 32 teeth has become a issue , This leads to Eruption of some of the teeth out of the  arch . This makes the teeth look unsymmetrical and lead to many future problems like

1)Improper oral hygiene

2)Aesthetically looks very unappealing

3)In future leads to many dental problems like caries , pyorrhea.

Now one very important question is what is the age restrains to get Braces treatment done ?

This is a very common question that everyone has in there mind .Let me clear this out , there is no age limit for getting braces done , it can be started at 7-8 years also to interceptively correct the erupting teeth in there correct position  .This is known as Interceptive orthodontics . Most common age considered good for orthodontic correction is 12-15 years as this the growing age when most of the teeth have erupted and show fast movement . But beyond this also there is no age bar with braces .Even a 70 year old can get its orthodontic treatment done , not only for aesthetics but for fine chewing and function.

What is Orthodontic treatment ?

Orthodontic treatment is a technique of aligning or moving teeth, to improve the appearance of the teeth and how they function .It also help in maintaining the long term oral health of the teeth and gums, and jaw joints, by spreading the biting pressure over all your teeth.

Why us :

  • 1) Orthodontic Treatment require proper planning and diagnosis, we have a specialized   team to take care of your teeth and we have the best orthodontist in Jaipur.images

2) We assure to use best quality brackets and wire and other appliances used for the treatment. b_gdpsoy069043_1 3) Proper oral hygiene maintenance on regular recall basis is done , as orthodontic patients have poor hygiene compliance. 4) Most important we take care of sterilization according to the criteria’s of AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION (ADA). { International Standards} .Your safety is our prime importance. We at EKDANTAM call it SAFETY UNCUT . orthodontist jaipurorthodontist jaipur

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