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Method of Tooth Brushing

Method of Tooth Brushing

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Method of tooth brushing :-

Tooth brushing is one of the most neglected Thing in our daily life . Tooth brushing is the most important factor responsible for keeping your teeth and gums healthy . Besides brushing Flossing and tongue cleaning is equally important and plays a key role in maintaining Healthy tooth and gums .

Brushing does not means just simply using a brush and moving it in Too and Fro motion and its done . Brushing has a particular method and technique . Most preferred method of brushing is called as Modified Bass technique .

Modified bass technique :-


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Some Important points to remember :-

  1. 1) It is also important to change brush every 3 monthly . If your brush bristles are shredded much before that than it means you are brushing very hard .
  1. 2) Use ultra Soft Brush to brush.

3) Use pea size tooth paste

4) Brush on all surfaces of tooth , front , inside on the top of tooth .

5) Use only paste and not powder for brushing as powder contains abrasives that are not good for teeth .


Brushing teeth of kid is very important from the time the first teeth erupts in oral cavity .

1) Till the age of 2 years brushing should be done with a kid finger brush by the parents with water .No paste should be used .

2) After 2 year till 6 years Pea size tooth paste should be applied on brush and brushing should be done by the parents .

3)It is important to keep take special care of your child teeth as they are very prone to caries and can even lead to infection in below developing permanent teeth .

4)Visit your dentist every 6 months for regular examination .

Some DO’s AND DON’T :-

  1. 1) Brushing should be done twice daily . Once in the morning and just before going to bed .

2) As during night saliva secretion decreases by 50 % , so chances of food decay increases , so always recommended to brush before going to bed .

3) Rinse with normal water just after eating anything .

4) Don’t use any mouth wash for long time and without doctors recommendation . Long term use of Chlorhexidine and other mouth wash causes many side effects like Tooth discoloration , altered taste sensation , and many other side effects .

5) Best mouth rinse is use of warm water with some common salt added in it. This has no side effects and also reduces inflammation in gums and keep them healthy .

6) Avoid eating sticky foods and if doing so , do gargles with normal water and brush your teeth

7) Don’t brush vigorously as it will lead to tooth abrasion and sensitivity

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