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gummy smile surgery

gummy smile surgery

Perfect teeth and gums are very important for a good smile .Everyone wants a 100 watt smile and no hesitation while smiling and laughing . But Some people have a gummy smile and that make them hesitate while laughing an smiling openly .Gum smile correction  is a procedure to correct gummy smile of patients with such problem .

What is gummy Smile ?

Some people show a lot of gum while smiling , This does not give a sparking look and make  people shy while smiling openly many times . gummy smile surgery at Ekdantam Dental clinic Jaipur,India

How can it be treated ?

Gummy smile can be due to many reasons . If the gummy smile is due to more coverage of teeth by the gums and less teeth is visible , than it can be corrected by laser Gum smile correction . It Is a procedure in which first it is calculated the amount of access gum and then  amount of excess gum is removed  with the help of a laser . This helps to restore the actual length of teeth that should be visible while talking , smiling and laughing Laser stands for Light Amplification stimulated emission for radiation . Laser is a device that helps to make the procedure painless , Injection free , and blood less with very good and rapid post procedure healing . Laser helps to make the procedure :-

  1. painless
  2. bloodless
  3. Needle free ( Injection free )
  4. Very good results
  5. Great Post procedure healing
EKDANTAM Dental clinic is equipped With worlds Best Biolase 10 watt laser for all soft tissue surgery . It is one of the best laser Dental clinic in india With a team of Expert specialist  in the field. gummy smile surgery in jaipurgummy smile surgery in jaipur
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