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Laser Dentistry in Jaipur, India

Laser Dentistry in Jaipur, India

BIOLASE 10 WATT LASER :- Book Appointment, if looking for Laser Dentistry in Jaipur, IndiaLaser dentistry in Jaipur,India at Ekdantam dental clinic

EKDANTAM is equipped with highly efficient EPIC BIOLASE 10 WATT Diode LASER, which is the best available Laser worldwide .Laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.

So if you are looking for Best Dentist Jaipur for Painless and highly efficient laser treatment ,Than contact EKDANTAM .

Dr.Kapil Singhal is a renowned Periodontist Implantologist and Gum surgeon ,trained in Laser Dentistry in Jaipur, India.

He is master in his work and make very big procedures look simple, painless and easy with LASERS.

Laser has become a very important tool for many Dental treatments.Basically,laser produces a  precise beam of  energy that can be used to treat many oral dental problems.

The Advantage of laser is that it coagulates and sterilizes blood vessels during there use, so chances of infection becomes negligible.

It melts away tissue on which the Laser light is focused so leads to a sterile , bloodless and painless procedure .

Use of Lasers decrease discomfort during Treatment, so many times require no Injection so a needless procedure .

Benefits of laser is they are:


2)Leaves a very clean and sterile field

3)No chances of post infection

4)Nearly non Invasive

5)No postoperative Pain

6)No need of Injections

7)Bloodless fields  

Procedures That can be done with laser are :-

1)Root canal cleaning and disinfection (Laser Assisted Root canals)

2)Laser Tooth Bleaching

3)TMJ Pain relief

4)Various surgical procedures like:-

a)Laser Assisted Implant surgery (stage 2 uncovering and Periimplantitis treatment) b)Gingivectomy c)Gingival depigmentation d)Frenectomy e)Vestibuloplasty f)Biopsy (EXCISIONAL & INCISIONAL) g)Tongue tie surgery (Lingual & Labial Frenectomy) h) Periodontal pocket disinfection i) LANAP ( Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)

So If looking for laser Treatment like RCT , Surgeries , Dental Implants and Best Dentist Jaipur ,book an appointment at EKDANTAM  to get a painless , needless ,Bloodless and comfortable experience .


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