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Laser Assisted surgery

Laser Assisted surgery

Laser Assisted Surgery :- Book an Appointment if Looking for  Best Laser Dentist Jaipur

Best Laser Dentist Jaipur


Best Laser Dentist Jaipur


  Dental treatment in jaipur-Ekdantam Dental clinic

Ekdantam is equipped with one of the most efficient LASERS present worldwide ,EPIC BIOLASE 10 WATT LASER .

All soft tissue surgeries at EKDANTAM are carried out with lasers to make it painless , Bloodless  and  also helps in  Painless recovery after surgery.

Laser has been a routine procedure now for soft tissue surgeries as they make the procedure  less traumatic ,less invasive with great  healing and also with predictable results as compared to when done manually .

So if looking for Best Laser Dentist Jaipur , Book an appointment at EKDANTAM.

Soft tissue surgical Procedures done with laser at EKDANTAM are :-

1)Laser Assisted Implant surgery (stage 2 uncovering and Periimplantitis treatment)


3)Gingival depigmentation




7)Tongue tie surgery (Lingual &Labial Frenectomy)

8) Periodontal pocket disinfection

9) LANAP ( Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)

Lasers helps in making the treatment PAINLESS and getting results very predictable.Book an appointment at Ekdantam for Best Laser Dentist Jaipur . The advantage of laser assisted Soft tissue surgery is :-

1)Painless surgeries, also no pain after surgeries.

2)No need of injections as no anesthesia required .

3)Bloodless field

4)High disinfection achieved , Many localized periodontal pockets can be treated without incisions and flaps

5)No postoperative discomfort or pain

6)No chances of any reinfection as high sterilized field achieved.

7)Very less Invasive as compared to Scalpel surgery.

Laser dentistry had made a huge difference in surgical outcome. As previously Surgeries use to be painfull , with Lot of blood spills and post op swelling and discomfort , But with LASERS This has totally changes to painless , bloodless and with no post op discomfort and Most important no injections , the biggest phobia for dental treatment .

So Book an appointment at EKDANTAM fo all Laser assisted treatments if you want the  Best Laser Dentist Jaipur .All treatments are done with highly efficient diode laser from BIOLASE .  

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