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Laser Assisted Root Canal Treatment

Laser Assisted Root Canal Treatment


Dental caries have become a very common problem these days . If a small caries is not treated at right time , it extends and involves deeper parts of tooth (pulp) and causes severe pain .

Laser and Microscope Assisted Root canal Treatment magnifies and disinfects canal completely .

This is most important for the long term prognosis of the tooth .So if you are Best Dental Clinic Jaipur Contact EKDANTAM for the perfect ROOT CANAL TREATMENT .

Your question could have been very simple why laser assisted root canal therapy when a Normal rotary root canal could do well?

Best dental clinic jaipur

Laser Assisted treatment

Best Dental Clinic Jaipur

Microscope assisted ROOT CANAL TREATMENT

Laser stands for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation“. Laser has progressed as a very important device in this new era for Dentistry .

We are always committed to provide our patients with latest techniques to make the TREATMENT PAINLESS AND COMFORTABLE .

Laser Assisted Root canals is such one of the pioneer services at EKDANTAM  that make your treatment outcome very predictable and PAINLESS.

The way it effect the treatment is :-

1)It helps to preserve the sound and healthy tooth structure.

More the healthy tooth structure more strength to the tooth.

2) When laser is used during Cleaning and shaping of Root canal (BMP) it DISINFECTS THE CANAL of all BACTERIA . This  normal rotary or manual cleaning and shaping would not do as effectively. They burn away all tissue and remnants left after filing , adding to the effectiveness of cleaning and sterilization and making it full proof.

3)Once the canal is sterilized with laser the chances of postoperative pain after root canal is made to null. 4)Very Fast and predictable results, so saves a lot of patient time .

So get the Laser Assisted RCT done at EKDANTAM that is also equipped with highly efficient  Labomed MAGNA Microscope

To make it a perfect 3 Dimensional obturation (Filling).So if looking for a Best Dental Clinic Jaipur for a perfect painless Root Canal Treatment ,Contact EKDANTAM.

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