Is Dental Implants Expensive and Painful?

Is Dental Implants Expensive and Painful

IT’S MYTH THAT DENTAL IMPLANT CAUSES PAIN. But when you lost your original teeth due to decay or accident, it will hurt you more. A dental implant is a right solution to replace them.

This is the best option which is used by many individuals who lost all or most of their teeth. It is an artificial procedure in which teeth fit into the upper or lower jaw bone of your mouth.

However, most of the dental implant patients also state that procedure doesn’t hurt and the stress level becomes negligible after however, most dental implant patients also state that the procedure doesn’t hurt and the stress level becomes negligible after the procedure.

In addition, dental implants look natural which gives a patient allow them to live again, lifelong smile and eat without taking the burden.

Does Dental Implant Surgery Work?

A dental implant is an excellent process of implanting an artificial tooth to missing one. It will also bring back your confidence to smile back. Dental implant surgery gives an alternative to dentures that don’t fit properly.

Dental implants procedure involves numerous methodology that is considered in dentistry which feels safe and secure. However, implant clinician has to know various difficulties that may pursue during dental implant surgery.

Most of the complication resolve within a short period of time, but few of them may affect implant to dissatisfaction.

If you undergo dental implant surgery, be sure to follow the exact instructions which are given by the dentist. At the time of surgery, the dental specialist will drill a little hole in your jawbone and place the screw at the base of the bone. The gum is then set over the implant surface.

When the surface of the implant has healed enough, a next procedure is required to fit the connector at the top portion of the implant. Lastly, the crown is fitted over the top of the connector. This crown is linked to the connector with the help of dental cement and a screw.

Will there be Pain During the Dental Implant?

The surgery might be trouble-free, but you get some discomfort. After the dental implant, you don’t feel pain as you will give anaesthesia by dentists. The dentist will do the proper operation with anaesthesia so your jaws are fully numb.

Afterwards, the level of pain will depend upon the operation taken and what number of implants were placed in it. However, longer the surgery and more the implants will give you much pain after dental implant completion.

Some have a phobia of any dental implant surgery, it’s better to feel free to make an appointment with a professional Dental implant in Jaipur who will help you out through the entire surgery.

What are the Aspects that Cause Additional Pain?

After getting dental implant pain might be unavoidable and it will take around seven days. Apart from the completion of the surgery, there are some more aspects which cause additional pain.

Capping Looseness

During the healing process, the small screw placed on the top side of the jaw become loose. Due to this dentist will need to take away the cap, then clean it and refit properly.

Loose Dental Implant

The main reason behind dental implant loose is not having a sufficient amount of bone mass. This may cause anxiety and pain sometime. Mostly, the dentist will replace and remove the implant if this situation occurs.


Infection may be numerous type which causes pain. If getting a professional dentist, then it will be treatable.

Burning of Bone

It is not so common, but sometime it will happen. When the dentist starts drilling process, the heat is created which may damage the bone. From this, you suffer from a large amount of anxiety and pain. If this issue arises, the dentist needs to replace the affected bone.

Nerve Damage

This is also rare in the case. When the dentist damages a nerve via drill, this will also cause pain. The damage portion needs to be removed and replaced.

How Can You Manage Dental Implant Pain?

After the implant takes place you have to follow the instruction which has been given by the dentist. Some recommended steps to manage your dental implant pain.

  • Ice

Ice is the best option to cut down your swelling and numb the pain. Put it directly on your sensitive area of the cheeks in the form of an ice pack.

  • Salt Water

Slightly wash your mouth with warm salt water, which helps you out from pain and causing disinfection. It will burn when you rinse, but it will be helpful for you to recover shortly.

  • Foods

Avoid eating hard food at the time of your recovery and need to eat soft and cold foods like yoghurt, juice and much more.

  • Oral Hygiene

Brush your teeth 2-3 times a day. This tip is really advantageous to you if you strictly follow.

  • Rest

You have to give proper rest to your body and especially jaw. Don’t do any kind of energetic activity which affect you.

Is Dental Implant Expensive?

Each dental surgery will cut down the cost at different levels. It depends on the patient requirement. It is important to know about the cost, for example, the brand, the strategies and the kind of tooth you want. No one wants to spend extra expense on implant only.

dental implant insurance policy is made which fully cover your cost incurred by dental implant surgery. This insurance plan must be valid for a specific amount of time. It will come only when your dental implant takes high cost.
Basically, all the cost is depending on how many teeth you need to the implant, dental health requirement and your smile goal. Before the implant, it is good to get several suggestions, from different specialist to allow to make the right decision.
Find out a skilled dentist who will deal to select the right dental implant planning affordable cost. Despite the fact that dental implants hurt, you suffer from pain last no longer than 10 days.

If it happens, then contact the Ekdantam Dental Clinic today to achieve better oral hygiene for a lifetime. We’re dedicated to providing our best dental health service with our talented team.

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