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International Sterilization Standards

International Sterilization Standards

WE at EKDANTAM Multispecialty dental clinic follow international standards of sterilization and disinfection . We follow Four phase sterilization protocol for all our instruments as recommended by American Dental Association.

1) First instruments are  are cleaned in a Ultrasonic cleaner to Clean all blood and saliva.

2)Than instruments are  scrubbed and cleaned under running water .They are than dried .

3)Pouch sealing is done to maintain the sterilization after proper sterilization is achieved.

4)At EKDANTAM B class Autoclave is used for proper sterilization . B class autoclave are considered as one of the best autoclaves for proper cleaning and sterilization of instruments. During all dental procedures proper protocols are followed for proper asepsis and sterilization.   Besides this all disposable items are used like suction , drapes , glasses , tips of three way syringes are used  to main proper sterilization . Proper mopping of floor with disinfection is done in between surgical cases in the operatory and on the slabs

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