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Full Ceramic (Zirconia /Emax Crown) in Jaipur

Full Ceramic (Zirconia /Emax Crown) in Jaipur

Full Ceramic Crowns / Veneer  are the most aesthetic and best fit crown available till day . These are CAD CAM guided crowns that has snap fit over the tooth .

There Aesthetics is unmatchable and it becomes undifferentiable from  the natural tooth. Full Ceramic (Zirconia /Emax Crown) in JAipur They do not have any metal and is made by cutting (Milling ) of a block of CERAMIC by the CAD CAM Machine according to the shades desired .

It gives the same hue , Chrome and value  the three important aspects of a Color of a teeth , to give the life like natural Color to your teeth .

They not only enhances your smile , helps you get rid of all the things that you never wanted in your teeth and gives you the same smile and aesthetics you always desired .

We can cover up all fluoride stains , minor gaps , stains either of tobacco , due to attrition  , yellowness ,.Everything can be dealt in a very conservative manner .

Conservative because the best benefit of ALL Ceramic crowns is that they require less of tooth structure removal for there fit . And the veneers , Onlays require almost no to Prepless removal of tooth .

These Conservative crowns and Veneers helps to retain the original strength of the natural tooth , plus adds to their strength with their material quality .

Bruxzir All ceramic crown is one of the hardest material present worldwide for making crowns and does not even break when hit by a Hammer . Full Ceramic (Zirconia /Emax Crown) in JAipur We at EKDANTAM Uses the best of all ceramic Crowns and get them fabricated from the best Dental labs in India.

EKDANTAM is a bench mark for  all smile and cosmetic treatment procedures Under the guidance of Dr Akansha Garg , who is a smile designing expert at EKDANTAM .

She is fellow from NYU (New York University ) and has been trained By many words renowned experts in this field .

Her work will match your tooth to the perfection that it becomes undifferentiable and with the best of sparkling smiles you ever desire off .  

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