Ekdantam Clinic Bringing in-house Dental lab

Ekdantam Clinic Bringing in-house Dental lab

An In- House Dental Lab in the clinic is the backbone for every dental practitioner to be able to offer high-quality services to patients, especially on the prosthetic phase of certain dental treatments. Building an In house dental lab is the combination of both Science and Art which is also operated by Technology.

That’s why In-House dental laboratory eases the task of the dentists in the range of both constructions and treatment. 

Basically, it is the separate segment of the laboratory that directs and deals with the fabrication of the patient’s implant replacing and implant-supported crowns and bridges. The most authentic and reliable dentistry is that including placing crowns on teeth to calcify them.

Crowns are best made out of precious metals. The passive and perfect fit of a patient’s implant replacing plays an important role in their success. CAD/CAM help to build Implant-supported composite reconstructions.

Ekadantam Dental Clinic is administered with experienced specialists, all operational tasks are performed under attentive and competent administration, our master technicians manage the best combination between lab staff and tooth-makers.

That’s why at Ekadantam Dental Clinic, we decided to equip our own in-house dental laboratory. On the other hand, having an in­-house dental lab renders various advantages both for the dental clinic and the patients.

Top 3 benefits of In-house Dental Laboratory

  1. Coordinative Communication

The concept of In­house Dental lab mainly focuses on the Communication factor because it maintains the direct contact between the dentist and dental technicians. This eliminates unnecessary erratum which occurs commonly amongst dental clinics due to outsourcing facilities or dental laboratories. 

Dentures in laboratories are the ceramist, who creates your crown, veneers, facade, inserts or false teeth have the right stuff to guarantee that you get the best dental rebuilding. It is much harder to implement this customised treatment if the specialist is not able to analyse your mouth.

So, possessing an Inhouse lab means maintaining perfect communication and coordination between dentures and dentists. This assures he makes the appropriate selection of colour, shape, direction and size for patient’s reconstruction so it matches his/her facial features, skin colour and the rest of their teeth. 

  1. Accuracy and Aesthetics 

Dentures in In house laboratory ensure that the crown or dental facade you get is perfect in size, and has the exact look for your grin. Having a lab on location permits your dental specialist to consider each and every step for restoration’s creation. You can anticipate quality work that benefits your grin and gives you the perfect look.

Our smile and teeth are a crucial part of our appearance. Having a lovely smile is vital for every individual’s confidence. Dentures and Technicians in labs assure us to give perfect treatment, they have the skills to assure that we get the best dental restoration.

Having In house laboratory permits your Dentist to have better control over a patient’s treatment from beginning to end. They can ensure the guarantee of the quality of administration that the lab gives. It also permits the lab experts to give customised service as they can evaluate your requirements.

  1. Effective and Efficient

If your clinic possesses an onsite lab, restoration treatments can be finished rapidly and productively. This saves both patients and dentist time. Basically, this process will normally take one appointment, as the staff members of the clinic and lab work coordinatively so the treatment can be quick and efficient completed on time with perfect modifications.

This spares your valuable time and decreases the pressure of different arrangements.

Our group of dental lab professionals has long periods of experience working with us. The lab has been created through the headway in dental lab equipment, new dental advancements, and conventional training are conducted through our professional associates.

After all, we just want our patients to have the best quality of dental works they deserve through our efficient dental lab system.

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