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Sinus lift Surgery

Sinus lift Surgery

What is maxillary Sinus ?

Maxillary sinus is a Hollow area in posterior part of upper jaw .Below it there is a bone present (Called as Alveolar bone ) in which all the molar  and premolar  teeth are embedded in Bone . (See Xray below). sinus lift for dental implants When Teeth are lost in this area below maxillary Sinus , This sinus area increases in size and increases the hollow area by resorbing the bone below sinus ,  where natural teeth were present (See area marked by arrow in the x ray above ) This is the area where Dental implant is to be placed . But with Loss of tooth in this area this bone is also lost .This lost bone is not sufficient for dental Implant placement and require Grafting . In the X ray Below the area on the Right is the area where Direct Sinus lift Grafting was done . sinus lift for dental implants

What is the solution to treat this bone defect ?

There is a very predictable grafting procedure known as Sinus lift .In this Sinus Membrane is lifted above and the area is grafted and Dental implant is placed simultaneously . This helps to regenerate the lost bone in the area of grafted site . This is a highly successful procedure .

Is it Highly successful or predictable procedure ?

Sinus Lift grafting is a 100 percent successful and predictable procure to regenerate bone with the best of graft materials like Autologous grafts , bio oss , biogiude membrane , Creos membrane ,Titanium reinforced PTFE cytoplast , Cytoplast sutures . At Ekdantam Dental clinic we use Most advanced and world class inventory and equipments like Piezosurgery Units , Quantos PRF Growth factor making centrifuges , Osseo densification BURS  from Densah (VERSAH USA ) . This makes the procedure totally atraumatic and with full proof success and no post operative discomfort or pain .

Is Sinus Lift Painful?

It is a painless procure with no post surgery discomfort with the latest and best of equipment available at Ekdantam . A team of specialist headed by Dr . Kapil Singhal , who is a expert Periodontist and Implantologist at EKDANTAM . He had done more than 1000 grafting procedures with high success rate in all the procedures . He is a pioneer in his field of Grafting and Implantology . Book an appointment if looking for any of the Complex  grafting solutions or sinus lift with dental Implants at edkantam  

Case 1 :-

Before / After X rays of Sinus lift Grafting

sinus lift for dental implants X-ray at Ekdantam Clinic

Deficient maxillary bone

sinus lift for dental implants inner view at Ekdantam clinic

Dental Implant with sinus lift

                Case 2 Before / After X rays of Sinus lift Grafting sinus lift for dental implants x-ray               sinus lift for dental implants X-ray Case 3 Before / After X rays of Sinus lift Grafting
sinus lift for dental implants Inner view

Preop Xray Of deficient Bone for Dental Implant Placement

sinus lift for dental implants Screw

Post X ray After Direct Sinus Lift Grafting

                Case 4 Before / After X rays of Sinus lift Grafting
After sinus lift for dental implants at Ekdantam

Pre X-ray of site with indirect sinus Lift

After sinus lift for dental implants at Ekdantam                   Ekdantam is equipped with Peizo surgery unit , Osseodensification kit , Quantos Centrifuge to make growth factors for all complex Sinus surgeries and grafting procedures to get best of results.We have a team of specialist to take care of all complex and Advance implant surgeries and prosthetic in a highly efficient manner.

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