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Cost of Dental Implants in india

Cost of Dental Implants in india

Get Best Cost of Dental Implants in india With Ekdantam

Dental Implant are titanium screws that are fully bio compatible with body to replace a missing tooth or all teeth . There surface are modified so that they attaches with bone just like natural tooth .

Here are all the dental treatment procedure rates with no other hidden costs.
Alpha dent Dental Implant (ISRAEL)(With straight abutment)25,000/- Implant
Neobiotech dental implant (Korea) (with straight abutment)30,000/- Implant
Nobel Biocare – Dental Implants (Sweden)(With straight abutment)40,000/- Implant
Surgical Guide (Computer Guided Implant Surgery)50,000/- Jaw
Nobel Active (Nobel Biocare-Sweden) (immediate loading implant with straight abutment)50,000/- Implant
Sinus lift per quadrant (including graft and membrane and titanium mesh)50,000/- Implant
Porcelain – fused to Metal Crown5000/- Per Crown
Procera/ Lava/ 3M ( Zirconia Crowns/ Veeners) – Metal Free10,000/- Per Crown/Veener
Removable Partial Dentures (Imported)5,000/- Per Arch
Upper and Lower Complete Denture (Imported)20,000/- Full Set

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