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Complex Grafting Procedures in Jaipur, India

Complex Grafting Procedures in Jaipur, India

Bone and soft tissue are very Important for health of tooth and for the Dental Implants . Many times there is bone loss around the natural tooth . If you are looking for any of  your Bone and Soft tissue Grafting ,Team of Specialist at EKDANTAM DENTAL CLINIC Jaipur India Headed By DR KAPIL SINGHAL will Solve all with the best of totally successful solutions .

What are Problems that require soft tissue or Bone augmentation or Grafting ?

1) Mobile teeth or Vertical bone defects around teeth .

2) Some people have issues like Gums goes down that causes tooth to become longer .

This is due to soft tissue loss around the tooth or dental Implant


 Before soft tissue procedure in a Dental Implant patient
Complex Grafting Procedures in Jaipur, India

After soft tissue augmentation



3) Many of the times to replace the missing tooth and to place a dental Implant is to be placed . But the amount of bone and soft tissue is not sufficient to place it or for the later health of Dental implant.

Complex Grafting Procedures in Jaipur, India

Before Grafting .Huge bone and soft tissue defect on the central Incisor

x-ray of Complex Grafting Procedures in Jaipur, India

After Bone grafting (CBCT Image )


Bone grafting is a complex procedure but 100 percent predictable if done in a correct ways with the good grafts and technique . Proper grafting is very Important for long term success of the Implant , if bone is less . At EKDANTAM Dental clinic jaipur , Advanced inventory for bone grafting with the expertise of Dr Kapil Singhal is there :

1)Piezosurgery a specialized Machine from Germany for bone grafting to precure block grafts and sinus lifts.

Complex Grafting Procedures in Jaipur, India
2) Quantos PRF machine : A innovation that very few clinics in India have , to make growth factors from patients own blood and use it along with graft to increase its regeneration potential .EKDANTAM is equipped with QUANTOS PRF growth factor making machine .
Complex Grafting Procedures in Jaipur, India

Its uses are for both soft tissue and hard tissue augmentation.

3) Best bone graft material from BIO OSS , BIOGUIDE membrane , Cytoplast Membrane Titanium reinforced and PTFE Sutures are used at EKDANTAM .Book an appointment  for any of the grafting issues with the most reputed and specialized team headed by Dr Kapil Singhal at EKDANTAM DENTAL CLINIC IN Jaipur India .
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