Distinctive Retainer Types Used in Dentistry

Distinctive retainer types

Distinctive Retainers Once an orthodontic procedure is complete, maintaining the integrity and position of teeth in the jaw is critical. Maintaining the teeth in their new alignment is essential, ensuring the procedure’s success and restoring the teeth’ functionality. Retainers are the dentistry appliance entitled to hold the position of the teeth. Retainers come in various… Read more »

White Spots on Teeth : Causes and Treatment

White Spots on Teeth : Causes and Treatment

What causes white spots on my teeth? White and shiny teeth reflect as a sign of excellent dental health, and people wish that their smile remains as white as possible. However, sometimes blotches of white discoloration occur on teeth. The blotch of white differs a lot from the rest of the teeth. Such white spots… Read more »

How do Digital Crowns and Bridges offer Patients Quality Restorations?

How do Digital Crowns and Bridges offer Patients Quality Restorations

We are now in an era powered by technology and digital solutions. Technology has transformed every sector of the economy and has paved the way to provide quality service to consumers. Dentistry has seen a steep curve of development and transformation, thanks to the Digital Revolution in Dentistry. The digital impressions have reshaped the industry… Read more »

What is 3D guided Dental Implant and Advantages

what is 3d guided dental implant and advantages

A dental implant has become a well- known and effective approach to reconstruct missing teeth. Commonly, implants are made out of titanium and are combined and coordinated into the jawbone. Along with this, the experts operating the implant surgery have to be accurate and precise to assure that the implants seem natural. Ekdantam’s dental implant… Read more »

Ekdantam Clinic Bringing in-house Dental lab

Ekdantam Clinic Bringing the Dental lab in-house

An In- House Dental Lab in the clinic is the backbone for every dental practitioner to be able to offer high-quality services to patients, especially on the prosthetic phase of certain dental treatments. Building an In house dental lab is the combination of both Science and Art which is also operated by Technology. That’s why… Read more »

Dental Treatment is Now Painless – Reasons Why?

Dental Treatment is Now Painless

Painless Dentistry is necessary fundamental in allaying your fears. Many peoples are careful about experiencing dental treatment, thinking it is a too painful and complicated procedure. One of the most well-known reasons people avoids to go to the dentist because they fear that it will be a painful surgery. It includes the use of extraordinary… Read more »

Get Your Smile For Wedding Season With Cosmetic Dentistry


Wedding season gives so much excitement, which means a day with loved ones and friends clicking photographs at every step of the way. You’ve arranged everything detailed, make-up, hairstyles for decoration and much more. It is an important part of an individual’s character. A smile gives you confidence. For a pleasant smile, an ideal arrangement… Read more »

Digital Dentistry is Boon for Dentistry

Digital dentistry

Like many other clinical industries advance their arena digitally, odontology also introduces an innovative exploration in the field of dentistry. As the use of technology in every field of clinical surgery increases, advancement in digital dentistry is also progressing in its field. Nowadays uses dental technology or gadgets which involve the use of PC based… Read more »

Achieve Your Best Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry at Ekdantam Clinic

Achieve Your Best Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry at Ekdantam Clinic

Cosmetic Dentistry – What is it all about? Cosmetic Dentistry is a part of dentistry that manages the stylish part of the face. It utilizes different dental strategies to improve the presence of the teeth and give you a wonderful smile. It is getting progressively looked for after nowadays. Most of individuals all over the… Read more »