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Microscopic Dentistry

Microscopic Dentistry

This is the most recent advancement in dentistry .EKDANTAM is equipped with Rajasthan first Labomed Magna microscope for ROOT CANAL TREATMENT and Microscopic surgeries.

If you looking for best dental clinic for Root canal treatment (RCT ) than Contact EKDANTAM.

We are one of the BEST DENTIST JAIPUR for ROOT CANAL TREATMENT and Microscopic surgeries.


Labomed magna microscope for ROOT CANAL TREATMENT AT EKDANTAM



Microscope has changed the way , dentistry is practiced . This helps to see at very micron level to fill the canal perfectly during root canals and perform surgeries very precisely  .

Ekdantam uses microscopic and Laser Assisted Root Canal Treatment  .This cleans the canal of all the bacteria and infection and makes tooth clean and allows full debridement .This also makes sure not to leave any residual infection that can cause any future problem .

Microscopic assisted micro surgeries helps to give very small incisions , and perform a clean and precise surgeries ,specially Mucogingival and Implant surgeries .

 Book appointment if looking for best dentist Jaipur

Asepsis , magnified visibility , infection control are the  advantages of Microscopically assisted root canals  but the main being :-

1)Working at higher magnification increases visibility .

2)Make canal totally sterile and free of bacteria.

3)Decreases amount of healthy tooth structure loss as leads to minimal access hole .

4) Labomed has crystal clear visibility so makes difficult cases very easy .

5) It has internal illumination so throws light inside canal and further increases visibility of canal.

Its our endeavor to give our patients the best of experience with all latest and modern equipment’s present worldwide.

So Book an appointment at EKDANTAM if looking for BEST DENTIST JAIPUR . As even the Simplest of procedures like fillings , Root canals are done with perfection using  laser and microscope .


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