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Dental Veneer / Laminates Treatments

Dental Veneer / Laminates Treatments

What are  Dental /TOOTH No Prep Veneer ?

Dental veneers treatment in Jaipur

Single tooth Veneer for fractured tooth

Veneer or laminate is a layer of tooth colored material that is applied to a tooth to restore a defect or mask discolorations or a fractured tooth .This completely change the smile and appearance of tooth.

The main Advantage of a tooth Veneer is that:-

1) It does not  cause any damage to the natural tooth at all . Veneer dental does not require or require Minimal cutting of your natural  tooth unlike full crowns .

2) Veneer dental gives you the Best of the EVER LASTING SMILES that you desire in merely a period of 5-7 days .

Usually it can be done in 2-3 visits, for the whole procedure .

There are mainly two type of VENEER DENTAL :

1. Direct Composite Veneer

2. All Ceramic Veneer

1)Direct composite veneers: These are veneers in which tooth colored composite is layered to give it a color and architecture that is most desired . It is a fast technique ,completes in one visit , cheap as compared to E-MAX Veneer .It takes around 20 minutes per tooth for Complete procedure . But there biggest drawback is that they as with other composite fillings can stain with time  .Patients short of time can get composite veneers at that time and can later change it to E-MAX VENEER that are Permanent over the same tooth .

Dental veneers treatment in Jaipur

Composite Veneer On Fluoride stained Teeth

2)E-max Porcelain CAD CAM veneer:-

Emax Veneer has become a very common procedure these days because it changes your smile in matter of some days completely .Any stains , cracks ,fractures ,how crooked  your teeth are ,Emax veneers is the best answer to all of them . Emax Veneers require minimal or no tooth preparations and they give a new life and charm to your teeth and so your smile .Ekdantam is equipped with Digital smile designing software to precisely access the end results. This is how we work , we assure you with final results on this software how your final smile and teeth will look .Also the Veneer are made by CAD CAM procedure which scans your impression and precisely give it a shape to look perfect .

These are most durable , aesthetic , and preferred way to get veneer . These are luted with Veriolink and other good resin cements  to the tooth that is minimally or not prepared to receive the same . Advantage is long life , depicts each anatomy of tooth perfectly , Shade matching is next to perfection , they just give new life to your dull looking smile and teeth. Time required is 2-3 visits for whole procedure within a week period.

Dental veneers treatment in Jaipur       Dental veneers treatment in Jaipur

Ekdantam provides superior quality veneers;mimicking natural intricacies of tooth structure giving life-like smile to patient. Professionals here at Ekdantam are expert in handling of clinical work with state of the art materials.

  PRE- OPERATIVE (Patient came with broken upper front tooth)POST OPERATIVE ( With direct composite build up - a charming smile is restored)

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