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Crown and bridges

Crown and bridges

Crowns or more commonly known as CAPS are copings that are placed over the tooth to strengthen it to bear all forces while mastication.

Crowns were in old days made up of gold silver and other precious Alloys but with time and more concern about aesthetics ,ceramics or porcelain are used to make them.

Ceramics and Porcelain are tooth color material that has shade and color exactly like the natural tooth . Latest generation of crowns include CAD CAM guided ALL Ceramic crowns that are most preferred these days .They are highly precise ,with exact margins to natural tooth that leaves no micro or Nano space for future seepage of saliva between crown and tooth , and hence further decay .

E-Max is very aesthetic and therefore highly preferred for anterior Teeth .(E-Max Veneers in below cases canine to canine )

Non-Implant Options for Replacing Teeth                Non-Implant Options for Replacing Teeth

For posterior now days All Ceramic Bruxzir or Monolithic Zirconia crowns are there which have high strength and are also very aesthetic .Bruxzir zirconia crowns are virtually unbreakable and there fit and margins are next to natural tooth .They are used for posterior teeth .

Non-Implant Options for Replacing Teeth

Crowns are given to strengthen the worn out tooth.

Therefore we at EKDANTAM provide you with crowns and bridges made of best materials that are CAD CAM GUIDED that will replicate your natural tooth in all aspects , both functionally and aesthetically.

What does crowns and Bridges mean?

Crown and bridges :- Referred as caps by some people. They are ceramic or Porcelain over metal  (PFM) that cover the entire visible surface of a tooth. They are usually used to restore strength, shape and/or size, or the general appearance of a tooth.

Crown :- Is basically given on a single tooth. Below are the steps how a crown is seated and it fits over the natural tooth . Non-Implant Options for Replacing Teeth

Bridge : In bridge a missing tooth is replaced with the support of adjacent natural teeth . For one missing teeth 3 crowns are fabricated taking the support of natural teeth to replace the missing teeth. Non-Implant Options for Replacing Teeth

There are several reasons why our dentists at Ekdantam dental clinic  may recommend a crown for a patient. They include:

1.Protecting A Weak Tooth From Breaking

2.Holding A Cracked Tooth Together

3.Restoring An Already Broken Tooth

4.Restoring A Tooth That Has Been severely Worn Down

5.Securing A Bridge

6.Covering Discolored Or Misshaped Teeth

7.Dental Implant Prosthesis

ONLAYS :- They are half crowns over tooth , to replace the week part of the tooth .They have an added advantage that they maintain natural tooth contact that is generally broken while normal full crown preparation . Moreover over a long period they maintain strength and position of natural tooth , prevent food lodgement and are highly aesthetic .Non-Implant Options for Replacing Teeth


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