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Artificial teeth

Artificial teeth

Artificial teeth

Tooth loss is a curse and everyone who had one or many tooth missing ,wish to have the artificial tooth that looks both functionally and aesthetically similar to natural tooth.If you wish to have the Best dental caps in jaipur Contact us :

There could be many reasons for loss of tooth like :





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Prevention is always better than cure . Visit your dentist regularly to prevent caries progression and further damage and tooth loss .

It could be due to any reason , but replacement of the lost and missing tooth is must and should be done to prevent :


1)Movement of adjacent tooth in the area of missing teeth.

2)Movement of upper teeth downwards , as there is no stop below due to the absence of tooth .

3)It causes gap in between the teeth and hence food lodgement and caries over a period of time .

This can lead to :-

1)Single missing tooth

2)Multiple missing teeth

3)All teeth are missing (Completely Edentulous )

So leaving a tooth missing is not good for over all oral health and remaining teeth . Lost teeth should be replaced at the time of removal of the tooth or after some days , however oral conditions permit.

 Artificial teeth can be of various types and depending on the requirement and treatment planing it is selected :-

1) Crowns and bridges

2) Dental Implants

3) High Quality Complete Denture

Different treatment modalities depend will replace the missing tooth , whether it is single tooth or multiple teeth that are missing .

At EKDANTAM we provide you with the latest techniques so that your artificial tooth will be Un -differentiated from your natural tooth. We use the best crowns fabricated from the world renowned labs to make cad cad guided cap / crown/ bridge for your teeth .We use Best quality Honigum Addition silicone material and Monophase polyether Impression material for fine impression making .

Contact us for the best dental caps in Jaipur.