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Things that should be kept in mind before you go for a Implant surgery:-

1) See that you consult a Right doctor who is a certified Implantologist and trained and equipped enough to carry out the procedure.








2)Your doctor should take all X-RAY’S (IOPAS, RVG’s) , OPG (Orthopantogram) and CBCT if required to check the quantity and quality of the bone available to place implant .Also it helps to know the size of the implant required .

3) All blood investigations should be done before the implant surgery and should be checked and taken care  off if not within the normal levels.

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4)See that your doctor explains you the whole procedure before surgery and also if some bone  regeneration and grafting is to be done .


5)There are many brands of implants available in market , You should ask your doctor about the brand of implant to be placed . Always go for a good quality of implants . Some good brands are Nobel Biocare , Osstem, Dentsply, Ankylos , Neobiotech, Adin.

Dental_Implants_Abutments_and_Accessories6) See that proper sterilization and asepsis is being followed during the implant surgery because it is very important part for the success of implant surgery.



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