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Dental Implant with Sinus lift (Bone grafting )

What is maxillary Sinus ?

Maxillary sinus is a Hollow area in posterior part of upper jaw .Below it there is a bone present (Called as Alveolar bone ) in which all the molar  and premolar  teeth are embedded in Bone . (See Xray below).

Sinus lift grafting

When Teeth are lost in this area below maxillary Sinus , This sinus area increases in size and increases the hollow area by resorbing the bone below sinus ,  where natural teeth were present (See area marked by arrow in the x ray above )

This is the area where Dental implant is to be placed . But with Loss of tooth in this area this bone is also lost .This lost bone is not sufficient for dental Implant placement and require Grafting . In the X ray Below the area on the Right is the area where Direct Sinus lift Grafting was done .


What is the solution to treat this bone defect ?

There is a very predictable grafting procedure known as Sinus lift .In this Sinus Membrane is lifted above and the area is grafted and Dental implant is placed simultaneously . This helps to regenerate the lost bone in the area of grafted site . This is a highly successful procedure .

Is it Highly successful or predictable procedure ?

Sinus Lift grafting is a 100 percent successful and predictable procure to regenerate bone with the best of graft materials like Autologous grafts , bio oss , biogiude membrane , Creos membrane ,Titanium reinforced PTFE cytoplast , Cytoplast sutures .

At ekdantam we use Most advanced and world class inventory and equipments like Piezosurgery Units , Quantos PRF Growth factor making centrifuges , Osseo densification BURS  from Densah (VERSAH USA ) . This makes the procedure totally atraumatic and with full proof success and no post operative discomfort or pain .

Is Sinus Lift Painful?

It is a painless procure with no post surgery discomfort with the latest and best of equipment available at Ekdantam .

A team of specialist headed by Dr . Kapil Singhal , who is a expert Periodontist and Implantologist at EKDANTAM . He had done more than 1000 grafting procedures with high success rate in all the procedures . He is a pioneer in his field of Grafting and Implantology .

Book an appointment if looking for any of the Complex  grafting solutions or sinus lift with dental Implants at edkantam


Case 1 :-

Before / After X rays of Sinus lift Grafting

Sinus lift

Deficient maxillary bone

Sinus lift

Dental Implant with sinus lift









Case 2 Before / After X rays of Sinus lift Grafting

Dental implant in jaipur               Dental implant in jaipur

Case 3 Before / After X rays of Sinus lift Grafting

Best Dental Implant doctor Jaipur, dental implant surgery in jaipur

Preop Xray Of deficient Bone for Dental Implant Placement

Best Dental Implant doctor Jaipur, dental implant surgery in jaipur

Post X ray After Direct Sinus Lift Grafting









Case 4 Before / After X rays of Sinus lift Grafting

Best Dental Implant doctor Jaipur, dental implant surgery in jaipur

Pre X-ray of site with indirect sinus Lift

dental implant surgery in jaipur










Ekdantam is equipped with Peizo surgery unit , Osseodensification kit , Quantos Centrifuge to make growth factors for all complex Sinus surgeries and grafting procedures to get best of results.We have a team of specialist to take care of all complex and Advance implant surgeries and prosthetic in a highly efficient manner.

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