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Dental Implant with Sinus lift (Bone grafting )


Dental implant require sufficient bone for placement of dental implants. In upper jaw posterior region there is a area known as MAXILLARY SINUS .The area is hollow and pneumatic. With loss of teeth it further gets pneumatized , as amount of bone resorbs. Due to this bone loss amount of bone required for implant placement is less. In such cases bone grafting is done to augment maxillary sinus . Sinus lift helps to achieve amount of bone for dental implant placement  on account of bone loss.

In this procedure bone graft is placed in the sinus area after the maxillary sinus membrane is displaced to create a space for implant.

Case 1 :-

In the case below maxillary sinus pneumatised due to loss of teeth and amount of bone was less for implant placement . So a direct sinus lift was performed and a implant  was placed simultaneously.

Sinus lift

Deficient maxillary bone

Sinus lift

Dental Implant with sinus lift


best dental implant doctor in jaipur

Curates for sinus lift

best dental implant doctor in jaipur

Window for sinus lift


Grafting in Maxillary Sinus

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Case 2:-

In this case the patient has very deficient bone in upper posterior jaw due to loss of teeth some years ago , he wanted fixed replacement . But amount of bone required for implant placement was less .

Below is the picture of direct  lift done along with simultaneous implant placement .8 years before it has been done , patient is happy with his teeth.


Direct Maxillary sinus lift with Dental Implants.

Ekdantam is equipped with Peizo surgery unit , Osseodensification kit , Quantos Centrifuge to make growth factors for all complex Sinus surgeries and grafting procedures to get best of results.We have a team of specialist to take care of all complex and Advance implant surgeries and prosthetic in a highly efficient manner.

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