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Immediate Dental Implants

Dental Implants, dental implant surgery in jaipur

INDIRECT SINUS LIFT GRAFTING AND IMMEDIATE DENTAL IMPLANT IN UPPER LEFT POSTERIOR REGION & DENTAL IMPLANTS IN RIGHT LOWER POSTERIOR REGION. A patient came with missing lower right first molar and upper left first molar. In right upper first Molar residual bone was 8 mm so an indirect sinus lift was planned along with Dental… Read more »

Best Dental Implant Doctor and Cost of Dental Implants in India

Smile Reflects Wellness: A smiling face is the mirror to the overall health of a human body. Dental issues are always painful and must be handled quickly and carefully. Among all dental treatments, dental implants are complex and serious in nature. They offer an effective and attractive solution if some of the teeth is missing…. Read more »

Steps of Dental Implant Placement :-

  Once all the investigations had been done and all preparation are made for the implant surgery , these are steps that would be done during the entire implant surgery:- We should first understand , what is a Implant ? Implant is just a root, Once it is placed in bone it is not visible… Read more »

Things that should be kept in mind before you go for a Implant surgery:-

1) See that you consult a Right doctor who is a certified Implantologist and trained and equipped enough to carry out the procedure.           2)Your doctor should take all X-RAY’S (IOPAS, RVG’s) , OPG (Orthopantogram) and CBCT if required to check the quantity and quality of the bone available to place… Read more »

What all are the Replacement for your missing Teeth:-

God has given us with sparkling beautiful teeth that are functional to us for chewing food and also give our face a charismatic look. But due to various reasons they get exfoliated early and cause problem in eating and also aesthetically . But gone are those days this was considered a problem .Now dental science… Read more »

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