Indirect Sinus lift Along with Implant Placement with Densah burs

Dental implants with Densah Burs : Book Appointment if looking for Best Dental Implant Clinic Jaipur

Patient came with severe pain and resorbed upper posterior back teeth. On examination it was decided that the tooth has poor prognosis and require extraction  . After extraction immediate Dental implant placement was planned . But the amount of bone was less , so it would have required external grafting . But Ekdantam is equipped with the Advance technology of Densah Burs that densifies Own natural bone around Dental Implant and omit the need for grafting in such case . A 5 X 10 mm implant was placed and good dense bone can be seen in the X RAY with the use of Densah burs . So if looking for Best Dental Implant Clinic Jaipur Contact EKDANTAM .

Best Dental Implant Clinic Jaipur

Tooth with Resorbed root and Poor Prognosis.


Best implant dentist Jaipur

Implant With Osseodensification Concept

EKDANTAM is one of the Most Advance Center for dental implant Jaipur . It is equipped with most modern and Advances equipment’s for all Complex Dental implant procedures . Book appointment if looking for Best Dental Implant Clinic Jaipur .

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