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Full Mouth Treatment (Rehabilitation ) with All dental implants in Lower arch

A patient came with collapsed bite , all teeth attrited , lower teeth totally attrited and with poor long term prognosis .

CASE OF FULL MOUTH TREATMENT WITH DENTAL IMPLANTS IN LOWER ARCH AND REST TREATMENT PLANNING FOR UPPER ARCH IN THE SLIDES BELOW . Phase one treatment for lower arch is done and for upper arch will start after 2 days . Full Protocol followed and Explained . Patient went with a set of temporary fixed teeth on lower Implants .

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Immediate Dental Implants


A patient came with missing lower right first molar and upper left first molar. In right upper first Molar residual bone was 8 mm so an indirect sinus lift was planned along with Dental implants placement. Cerabone was used as a graft . 5 X10 mm was placed for upper molar and 4.5 X 11.5 mm was placed for lower Molar.#EKDANTAM #DENTALIMPLANT #SINUSLIFT

  1. Dental Implants

    Dental Implants

    Dental Implant

    Drill with a Stopper

    Dental Implants

    Dental Implant with Indirect Sinus Lift

    Dental Implants

    Missing Lower Right posterior Teeth

    Dental Implants

    Dental implant placed at lower posterior region


  2. EKDANTAM IS equipped with all latest techniques for All Advance Dental Implant surgeries. Book appointment for dental Implant at EKDANTAM.

Indirect Sinus Lift With Densah Burs

Indirect Sinus Lift With Densah Burs: Book Appointment if looking for Best clinic for Dental Implant  JAIPUR

A patient came with resorbed upper posterior back teeth and had severe pain.After examination, it was decided for extraction and immediate implantation. But the amount of bone was less and grafting was required for implant placement (Indirect sinus lift ). Ekdantam is equipped with the latest technique of Densah Burns that omits the need for external grafts, as it densifies bone and Uses own natural bone (Autologous ) as self-graft and densifies it around the implant . (Best dental clinic for dental Implant Jaipur )

Dental Implant jaipur

Tooth with Resorbed root and Poor Prognosis.

Dental Implant jaipur

Implant With Osseodensification Concept

EKDANTAM is equipped with all latest and Advance Equipment’s present worldwide for all Advance and complex Dental Implant cases. Book an appointment if Looking for best Dental Implant Jaipur.

Indirect Immediate Sinus Lift With OSSEODENSIFICATION KIT.

IMMEDIATE IMPLANT  Wrt upper second Molar :- Best Implant Dentist Jaipur


Bone was less so if it would had been done like conventional implants would have required grafting , but EKDANTAM is equipped with the latest Osseodensification concept of Versah Burs That densifies the bone near the Implant ans omits the need of grafting in such cases .5 X 10 Mmm dental Implant was placed .

Best implant dentist Jaipur

Tooth with Resorbed root and Poor Prognosis.

Best implant dentist Jaipur

Implant With Osseodensification Concept


We at EKDANTAM DENTAL CLINIC JAIPUR (RAJASTHAN) INDIA have  the Latest and Advanced Techniques for  IMPLANT placement  that will provide you with the best of smiles and the same feel of your natural teeth.The whole treatment is painless . Book if looking for Best implant dentist Jaipur contact EKDANTAM .

Laminates, Veneers and Teeth Whitening in Jaipur

Beautiful Teeth are a Key to a Gorgeous Smile: A beautiful face looks more attractive if the smile is complete without any stains or distortions to the teeth. With advancement in the technology, today everyone can get clean white and aligned teeth in no time and at a very low cost. If one has stained or discoloured teeth or the teeth are damaged or chipped due to any reason, or if they are mildly crooked then laminates, veneers and teeth whitening in Jaipur can be a boon. These techniques are highly advanced and can give the patient a whole new look.

Jaipur has Experts for Laminates, Veneers and Teeth Whitening in Jaipur: If one wants laminates or veneers, one can get them custom crafted according to the teeth. They are thin shells which can be made from different materials but usually are made up of porcelain. They are bonded to the surface of the teeth and are highly durable. They give a complete realistic appearance and has outstanding results. With these gaps between teeth can also be covered to a great extent. The laminates or veneers in Jaipur costs much less than it would cost in developed countries. Also there are experienced cosmetic surgeons who perform these tasks in an efficient manner.

Teeth whitening in Jaipur are also done with expert hands. Anyone who is looking for an instant white smile can get bleaching or teeth whitening done at highly affordable prices. It will last long if taken care of and touch ups can also be done. Although sensitivity is a common side effect of teeth whitening in Jaipur, but with the use of latest technology equipment and procedures, it can be reduced to a great extent. The veneers, laminates and Teeth Whitening in Jaipur are done with professional care and give one an enhanced and confident smile.

Best Dental Implant Doctor and Cost of Dental Implants in India

Smile Reflects Wellness: A smiling face is the mirror to the overall health of a human body. Dental issues are always painful and must be handled quickly and carefully. Among all dental treatments, dental implants are complex and serious in nature. They offer an effective and attractive solution if some of the teeth is missing. The procedure of implant may take some time depending upon the type of procedure to be undertaken. India is a well-known destination for dental tourism. Here one can find best dental implant doctors at highly affordable prices. One can find expert implants all over India especially, Jaipur, Chennai, Cochin, etc. International level dentists who are experienced and use latest technology for the treatment do these implants.

As far as the cost of dental implant in India is concerned, it is much lesser as compared to the developed countries. One can save up to 70-80 per cent of the total cost of the implant and also enjoy Indian tourism in the same cost. One can find best dental implant doctors in India who ensure that the techniques, methods and the environments are according to international standards. Usually the cost of dental implants in India per implants comes between Rs. 20000 to Rs. 40000. This amount may vary as per the condition of the patient and the type of implants. Many clinics also provide accommodation and food facility along with the implants. The highly qualified and expert dental implant doctors provide various immediate and conventional implants. The cost of implant may be increased by the additional procedure which is required if there is any deficiency in the bone. There are also customised packages available as per patients’ need and requirements. One can search for best dental implant doctor and cost of dental implants in India online.

Dental Tourism in Jaipur, India

Not a Patient but a Tourist: Almost every person has some or other dental problems. Many a times they are bearable but when they become unbearable, complete treatment is required. In various countries dental treatments are quite expensive and not everyone can afford them. That is why people are opting for dental tourism in India nowadays. Dental tourism refers to travelling to another country for affordable dental procedures, surgery or treatments while exploring that country. India has always been a favourite tourist destination and its affordable dental procedures have made it a perfect choice for dental tourism.

Jaipur is a very famous tourist attraction. Dental tourism in Jaipur is also gaining pace due to the availability of world class dental clinics and treatments. The clinics are well-equipped with high class amenities and equipment. They have specialists’ doctors who have experience in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, smile design and much more.

The major reason behind people opting for dental tourism in Jaipur is money. Here they get all the treatments done at highly reasonable prices. In addition to that even if they spend lavishly on travelling also still they save a whole lot of amount as compared to the treatment charge in their own country. Here world class services are available and the patients are given utmost care. There are companies also who plan the complete package and manage the whole tour for their clients so that they do not face any difficulty in their tour. Dental holidays in Jaipur are quite popular amongst both domestic and international patients. There is a range of dental treatments available which are performed by leading dentists. Before planning their visit for dental tourism in India, patients must perform complete homework so that they can take complete advantage of the trip.

Steps of Dental Implant Placement :-


Once all the investigations had been done and all preparation are made for the implant surgery , these are steps that would be done during the entire implant surgery:-

We should first understand , what is a Implant ? Implant is just a root, Once it is placed in bone it is not visible clinically in oral cavity.


1) If the tooth is missing than implant can be placed directly at the site of missing tooth. But if some grossly decayed tooth is there that cannot be saved,  it is removed at the time of surgery and implant is placed at the same time, but there should no residual infection present ,that could infect the implant.

2)First the tissue (Flap) is uncovered , than there are sequential drills to make holes (Osteotomy) in your bone . The hole is widened according to the width of bone available and size of implant to be placed.

12189777_1517840221868102_7459175074228753736_n 12115688_1517840275201430_7435759432303636989_n






3) Once the hole (Osteotomy) of appropriate size is made , implant is inserted .







4) After placing the implant , the site is sutured and closed and your implant is not visible in oral cavity.

12108951_1517840791868045_4653145870679703750_n 12189718_1517840215201436_8316297373267481050_n






5) Once the implant has been placed than it is left for a certain period , so that the implant integrates with the bone .(approx 3 months in lower bone and 6 months in upper bone.)
Wait Card (WAI) smaller

6) After this period once implant is osseointegrated (attached to bone ) to bone ,stage 2 surgery is done to reflect the implant in oral cavity (IMPLANT HEALING CAP is placed)  ,Patient is called after 7 days and   impression is made and sent to dental lab  for fabrication of prosthesis.

implant-healing-abutment IMG_2803



















7) The lab send’s the prosthesis to the doctor and it is attached to the patients
implant .

12923093_1035896926456231_638595543605663004_n 11059668_1031776383534952_7422659706916450455_n






We at EKDANTAM have a team specialized in Dental Implants & uses best quality of implants and get our prosthetic work done from best lab of India .

Things that should be kept in mind before you go for a Implant surgery:-

1) See that you consult a Right doctor who is a certified Implantologist and trained and equipped enough to carry out the procedure.








2)Your doctor should take all X-RAY’S (IOPAS, RVG’s) , OPG (Orthopantogram) and CBCT if required to check the quantity and quality of the bone available to place implant .Also it helps to know the size of the implant required .

3) All blood investigations should be done before the implant surgery and should be checked and taken care  off if not within the normal levels.

140429105015_1_900x600 download





4)See that your doctor explains you the whole procedure before surgery and also if some bone  regeneration and grafting is to be done .


5)There are many brands of implants available in market , You should ask your doctor about the brand of implant to be placed . Always go for a good quality of implants . Some good brands are Nobel Biocare , Osstem, Dentsply, Ankylos , Neobiotech, Adin.

Dental_Implants_Abutments_and_Accessories6) See that proper sterilization and asepsis is being followed during the implant surgery because it is very important part for the success of implant surgery.



What all are the Replacement for your missing Teeth:-

God has given us with sparkling beautiful teeth that are functional to us for chewing food and also give our face a charismatic look. But due to various reasons they get exfoliated early and cause problem in eating and also aesthetically . But gone are those days this was considered a problem .Now dental science has done so much advancement that there are replacement that looks like your natural tooth both aesthetically and functionally .

There are many replacements available for restoring missing teeth. These can be either removable dentures or fixed replacement .

a) Removable teeth are something that can be worn and removed by the patient daily .They are common by the name of dentures . They can even be made when some teeth are missing .

Removable Complete Denture

Removable Complete Denture

Removable Partial Denture

Removable Partial Denture







b) Fixed teeth can be of two types:-

b.1) One is Dental crowns for single tooth or also called as Bridges for single missing or multiple adjacent missing teeth. In this both the adjacent teeth to missing teeth are used as a pillar to support a missing teeth , i.e. on both the adjacent teeth first root canal is done and than cap are given such that the missing teeth is attached to these natural tooth cap.

Bridge to replace a missing tooth

Bridge to replace a missing tooth

Single tooth crown

Single tooth crown









b.2)The other fixed teeth are DENTAL IMPLANTS . Dental implants is the call of the day and answer for every person having some missing teeth or having no teeth . Age is no bar for implants anyone at any age can get fixed teeth over implants. To explain in layman terms what are dental implants , it is a small titanium screw that simulates your natural root. Titanium is a biocompatible material with human body and used to make all types orthopedic and dental implants. They are 100 % safe and the implant surgery should be done by a Postgraduate in Implantology or a Dentist having a certified training in Implantology from some recognized body .



Single tooth Implant

Single tooth Implant

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