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Full Mouth Rehablitation

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With age  a teeth either get attrited or completely  lost that require a rehabilitation in full mouth . With teeth attrition there are many problems that a person faces that could be aesthetically as well as functionally very distressing .

Aesthetically because teeth become small in size and also more yellowish because the white looking enamel is gone and yellowish under layer  dentin is visible.

Functionally there is loss of chewing efficiency of food ,the muscles become very stressed and there starts pain, clicking sound  in Temperomandibular Joint (TMJ).

This also lead to increases sensitivity of tooth and pain every time specially when you have some thing cold.

We at Ekdantam provide you with full mouth rehabilitation , with all major procedures required for it from Dental Implants ,surgical crown lengthening , digital smile designing ,Emax -Veneers , Onlays , All ceramic Crowns , Wax Ups ,Semi Adjustable articulations everything that is required for regaining the same shape and charm of your natural teeth 





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