Crown and bridges

Crowns or more commonly known as CAPS can be made up of many materials like gold alloy ,metal , porcelain or ceramic. Crowns are given to strengthen the worn out tooth. We at EKDANTAM provide you with crowns and bridges made of best materials that will replicate your natural tooth in all aspects , both functionally and aesthetically.

Crown and bridges :- Referred to by some people as caps. They are dental appliances that cover the entire visible surface of a tooth. They are usually used to restore strength, shape and/or size, or the general appearance of a tooth.

Crown :- Is basically given on a single tooth.


Bridge : It is given for a missing tooth by giving support of the adjacent natural tooth.



There are several reasons why our dentists at Ekdantam dental clinic we  may recommend a crown for a patient. They include:

Protecting A Weak Tooth From Breaking

Holding A Cracked Tooth Together

Restoring An Already Broken Tooth

Restoring A Tooth That Has Been Worn Down

Securing A Bridge

Covering Discolored Or Misshaped Teeth

Dental Implant Prosthesis


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